Knowledge Base

  1. Dashboard 

    1. How do I create a Dashboard?
  2. Mobile App 

    1. How do my caregivers login to the mobile app?
    2. How do my caregivers apply for open shifts/needs on the mobile app?
    3. Are Shift and Need Statuses color coded in the app like they are in BlueSky?
    4. How do my caregivers upload timesheets through the app?
    5. Will the app give my caregivers directions to a facility?
  3. Permissions 

    1. User Groups and Permissions
    2. What Permissions should I setup for caregiver access to my system?
    3. How can my facility contacts enter jobs in my system?
  4. QuickBooks Plugin 

    1. How to Set up the Quickbooks Integration
    2. QB PlugIn Cheat Sheet
    3. Setting up manual Payroll in QB.
    4. Service Items in QuickBooks. Basics
    5. Service Items in QB Plugin.
  5. Subcontracting Company Login 

    1. How do I propose a caregiver for an open Shift/Travel Need?
    2. I am a Sub for a VMS, how do I login and what will I see?
    3. How do I enter my SC Company employees?
    4. Assigning Recruiters to SC Caregivers
  6. Admin 

    1. How do I create a new Region?
    2. What information should I enter in Company Setup?
    3. How do I add a Degree in BlueSky?
    4. How do I add a Specialty in BlueSky?
    5. How do I add Required Docs?
  7. Integrated Systems 

    1. Does BlueSky integrate with Facebook?
    2. How do I link and send Prophecy Skills Checklists to my Caregivers?
    3. How do I send Prophecy tests and exams from BlueSky?
    4. How do I use You Sign Here (YSH)?
    5. How does the MailChimp integration work?
  8. Caregivers 

    1. How do I create a new Caregiver?
    2. How do I complete the General Section of a new Caregiver?
    3. How do I fill out the Education Record for a new Caregiver?
    4. How do I complete a Required Document for a Caregiver?
    5. Does a Caregiver know the User Id/Password I create?
  9. Facilities 

    1. Add a new Facility to your system
    2. Linking Vendors and Facilities together
    3. Facility Systems and Contacts
    4. How do I enter Units in my Facilities?
    5. How do I change the Overtime Rate for a Facility?
  10. Company Users 

    1. Creating a Company User
    2. How do I add a Recruiter?
    3. How do I change my BlueSky admin password?
    4. How do I choose the correct User Group?
  11. VMS/MSP 

    1. Setting up Subcontracting Companies in BlueSky
    2. How do I enter a new Subcontracting Company?
    3. Rate Logic for the Subcontractors Portal
    4. How do I release orders to my SC Companies?
    5. Could BlueSky Rate Groups help me as an MSP?
  12. Scheduling 

    1. How do I schedule a Shift?
    2. How do I create a Contract?
    3. Creating Travel Needs with Margin Calculators and Submissions
    4. How can I update a Shift?
    5. How do I enter a Travel Need?
  13. Margin Calculator 

    1. How do I create a Margin Calculator?
    2. Who receives the "Send for Approval" emails about Margin Calcs?
    3. Margin Summary
    4. Margin Calculator Expenses
    5. Stipend in the Pay Package
  14. Payroll 

    1. How do I enter timesheets in BlueSky?
    2. Scheduled Other Payments
    3. How do I run bi-weekly payroll in BlueSky?
    4. Time Sheet Approval
    5. Unpaid Timesheets Error
  15. Invoicing 

    1. Invoice Numbering
    2. What are Invoicing Groups?
    3. Can I create custom invoices for my facilities?
    4. Why am I getting a discrepancy when trying to import invoices to Great Plains?
    5. Can I show sales tax on BlueSky invoices?
  16. Reports 

    1. Shifts with empty rates
    2. Payroll Reports
    3. Including Reminders in Notes Report
    4. Reports showing up blank in Firefox
    5. PDF Troubleshooting
  17. Reminders/Notes 

    1. How do I enter a Note in a Caregiver profile?
    2. How do I create a Reminder?
    3. Filtering and managing Caregiver Notes
    4. How do I create a new Note Type?
    5. What is the character limit for Notes?
  18. Support 

    1. Help! My screen is all messed up...and I know there was an upgrade!
  19. Training Videos 

    1. BlueSky BootCamp: Admin Training
    2. BlueSky BootCamp: Entering Caregivers
    3. BlueSky BootCamp: Entering Facilities
    4. BlueSky BootCamp: Margin Calculators
    5. BlueSky BootCamp: Travel Scheduling & Rates
  20. Canned Responses 

    1. Changing Caregiver Status
  21. All articles 

    1. How do I enter timesheets in BlueSky?
    2. Does BlueSky integrate with Facebook?
    3. Shifts with empty rates
    4. Attachments to Invoice
    5. How do I schedule a Shift?

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