How do I propose a caregiver for an open Shift/Travel Need?

Once you have caregiver profiles entered into BlueSky, you will be able to propose caregivers for open Shifts/Travel Needs.

1. Login to BlueSky.
2. Click on the Subcontractor tab on your home screen.

3. Click on either Shifts Fill Status, Needs Fill Status, or Permanent Placements Fill Status. In each tab, you'll see a list of open shifts and needs. Each order has a color coded status, see the image below.

4. To propose one of your caregivers for an open order, click on the blue clipboard icon in the Candidates column on the far right side of your screen.

5. You'll see a list of your caregivers that match this order. Click on a candidate's name.

6. This will take you inside the caregiver's profile. Above the caregiver's first name, you'll see an icon with an outline of a nurse and a calendar. Click on this icon. Two things happen in your system when you click this icon; your partner agency will receive an email notification about your proposed caregiver and you will see an updated status for this order. 

Go back to the Fill Status screen, and you'll see that the order you just proposed a caregiver to has turned blue. Blue status = caregiver proposed.

Now, you wait until the agency or vendor updates you on the status of the proposal.

If you decide you want to cancel your proposal, do so by clicking on the name of the proposed candidate under the clipboard. This will take you to their caregiver profile.

Click on the "Recall From.." icon and it will recall this candidate from the order.

You can see that you have recalled the candidate on the grid under the clip board and the order is open and the date is green again.

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