What Permissions should I setup for caregiver access to my system?

"I want my caregivers to login to their profiles, but I want them see only a few sections. How can I setup Permissions for my caregivers?"

We always recommend that you enter yourself as a caregiver, create a user ID and password, and login to see the default permissions for caregivers. You can also fill out either one of the online applications to enter yourself as a caregiver.

1. Login to BlueSky.
2. Click Admin > Permissions > Permissions.

3. Select a Region and select Caregiver in the User Group drop down menu. Click OK.

4. You'll see a permission tree next:

This tree is a sitemap of your BlueSky system, and it's also where you'll turn permissions on and off for your caregivers.
-Anything in gray is not accessible, and anything in blue is accessible.
-You can expand sections of the tree by clicking on the + (plus sign) next to the name of the section. In the example below, I clicked on the + next to Entries, again next to Caregivers, again next to Caregiver, and again next to Tabsets.

We see a list of the tabs in a caregiver profile; some are in gray and unaccessible, while others are in blue and accessible or partially accessible. To change the permission for any tab, click on the name of the tab, and click on the Permission drop-down menu:

There are 4 options for permission:
-Not Accessible
-Read Only
-Partial Access
-Full Rights

Select the desired permission and click OK. ***You must then click Save, then click Log Out to save your changes!!****

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