How can my facility contacts enter jobs in my system?

One great feature of BlueSky that should get a little more love is the ability for your facility contacts to enter open orders in your BlueSky system...taking a little work off of your plate! Think about it; they're already sending you open orders, which you then enter into BlueSky and staff...what if your contacts could enter the orders themselves and get coverage much more quickly?

There is a little setup work to do on the front end on your part, see below.

1. Create user IDs and passwords for your facility contacts.
  • Click Entries > Facilities. Filter to a Region, and right click on the name of a facility.
  • Click on the Contacts tab.
  • Click on the blue key icon in the far right column of the Contacts grid:

  • Create a user ID and password for this contact. Before you click OK, make sure the User Group is set to Facility Contact.

  • When everything is correct, click OK. 
2. Next, set Permissions for facility contacts.
  • Click Admin > Permissions > Permissions.
  • In the Region drop-down menu, select the region where your facilities are housed. In the User Group drop-down menu, select Facility Contact. Click OK.

  • The next screen will be a Permission tree for facility contacts:

  • Anything in gray is not accessible to facility contacts.  
  • To give facility contacts access to the Scheduling section, click on the word Scheduling.
  • Change the Permission from Not Accessible to Accessible:

  • Click OK.
  • Click the + next to Scheduling to open up Shifts, Travel Needs, or Permanent Placements.
3. In this example, we'll open up Shifts to our facility contacts. 
  • Click the + next to Scheduling.
  • Click the + next to External Shifts.
  • Click on the word Shifts and change the Permission to Full Rights:
  • Click OK.
  • Click the + next to Tabsets:

  •  Look at the options underneath, and decide what you want to open up or hide from your facility contact. Would you like them to be able to enter shifts? Then you'll definitely open up Shift Request and work with those permissions. Do your facility contacts need to be able to see your pool of caregivers that match the shifts they enter Probably not, so you won't click on Candidate Search to open that up. 
  • Before we change any permissions housed underneath Shift Request, we're going to click on the + next to Shift Request and review those permissions.
  • Click on the + next to Sections. Most of the items in this list should look familiar to you, you see the exact same things when you enter a shift in BlueSky:

  • To open up any of these permissions, click on the words Shift Request, and change the permission to Partial Access. Why not Full Rights? If you select Full Rights, you're telling the system that your facility contacts should have access to all fields in the Shift Request screen. You want to give them partial access; only pieces, instead.
  • Click on the name of anything in this list and change the permission to either Full Rights or Read Only. Look at the images below to get an idea of what you should open up:

  • Notify Staffer: BlueSky will send you/your scheduling team an email notification when a facility contact enters a shift.
  • Copy button: allows your facility contact to copy a shift they just entered.
  • New Shift button: allows your facility contact to click on this button and enter details about the shift.
  • Main data: allows your facility contact to select their facility, unit, etc.
  • Duration: allows your facility contact to enter shifts that are longer than one day.
  • Shift Type: your facility contact will select the shift type; 1st 8h, 12h 2nd, etc.
  • End Time: your facility will be able to set the shift start and end times, if you have not set these up in the facility profile. If you have, the start and end times will automatically populate when your contact selects a shift type.
  • Lunch: like the field above, your facility contacts can edit the lunch period if you have not set a default lunch period in the facility profile. If you have, the default lunch period will automatically populate.
  • Workdays: if the shift is longer than one day, your facility contact can select specific days.
  • Requester: this field is set to Read Only, and will display the name of the facility contact entering this shift.
4. Login as your facility contact to see what they can access:

BlueSky best practices recommend that you login as one of your facility contacts and test out system functionality and email notifications BEFORE giving login credentials to your contacts. 

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