Facility Systems and Contacts

How do I create a facility system and contacts that can get into all facilities within the system?

Bluesky allows users to not only enter a facility but multiple facilities that belong to a facility "system". Think HCA.

To do this, we utilize the "Vendor" section of "Entries" in Bluesky.

The first step is to enter all of the facilities associated with the system. Click HERE on how to enter facilities.

Next you will need to add the facility "system" in Entries>Vendors in your system. Be sure to filter to the correct region before clicking "New".

While creating the new vendor (or rather facility system) be sure to make it's "type" a "Hospital System" in the general page.

Now that you have created multiple facilities and a facility system (vendor) to link them together let's establish the link.

Make your way to Entries>Facilities and filter to any of the facilities that will belong to this system. You will do the following for each facility in the system:

Click into the general page

Click on the "Hospital System" drop down menu and select the system you just created over in Entries>Vendors. Save.

You have now linked this facility to it's system. Do this for every facility in the system.


You may want to allow your facility system contacts to log into the system and manage jobs, approve time sheets and take evaluations or generally manage the facilities.
In this case we need to add the contacts into the system and give them logins, but not in the facilites. Instead we go back to Entries>Vendors and create them as contacts there.

Go to Entries>Vendors and click into the hospital system you created earlier (don't forget to filter).

Navigate to the "Contacts" page within the hospital system and click "New" at the bottom of the page.

Now enter the contacts information

The "Access to the Region/Facliities" section will already have a list of facilities if you have them linked to this facility system. You can manage that list and change which the contact can or can't see.
Again, this contact will automatically have access to all facilities linked to this system unless you otherwise specify in the "Access to Region/Facilities section. You can click on the X to delete any facilities in the system they should not have access to. You can also add or edit their access to facilities in the system by clicking "New" or clicking on an existing facility.

Where will the contact show in the facility?

When creating the facility system contact (vendor contact) you have the option of selecting a box "Use as Default at Unit Level".

If you select this then the hospital system contact will populate as a facility contact and a unit contact within all listed facilities under "Access to Region/Facilities".

Hospital System Contact Login

If you want your hospital system contacts to log into the system you will go to Entries>Vendors>filter to the correct hospital system and click into it's contacts page.

Once there you will click on the Gray Key icon to the far right of the contacts name under "User ID/Password" (see above image).

This will open a window which allows you to enter their credentials and if they can log in or not (Login Allowed Checkbox at bottom).

Below are what reports a Hospital System contacts can see by default and their default permissions. You can decrease this in permissions but they are not designed to see more than default. Please contact support@blueskymss.com for more information on permissions.

Scheduling Reports

1.Cancelled Shifts

2.Future Shifts

3.Shifts Days Ahead

4.Shifts By Scheduler

5.Shifts With Caregivers Applied

6.Open Travel Needs

7.Scheduled Hours 

8.Cancelled Contracts

9.Scheduled Shifts

10.Cancelled Needs

11.Scheduled Contracts Report

12.Headcount Report

13.Submission Report Summary             

14.Submission Report Detail


Revenue Reports

               15.Executive Summary

                   16.Fill Rate report

                              17. Billing 'SnapShot'

Permissions for Hospital Contacts are defaulted to the following (See permission tree for more info):

- Entries 


                        General (ReadOnly)

                        Contacts (Full Rights means Vendor Contact has ability to change his own info including password)


            Сaregivers (ReadOnly)

                         General (ReadOnly)

                        Education (ReadOnly)

                        Work History (ReadOnly)

                        References (ReadOnly)

                        Degree/Specialty (ReadOnly)

                        Required Docs (ReadOnly)

                        Oriented (ReadOnly)

                         Contracts/General (ReadOnly)

                        Shift History (ReadOnly)

                        Submissions/General (ReadOnly)



                  General (Partial Access: 

For sections "Main Data", “Region combobox”, “Geo Code field”, “Sales Tax checkbox”, “# of beds and Nurse/Patient ratio”, “Facility Portal combobox”, “Bill Account  - Read Only;

 For other sections - "Not Accessible")

                        Corporate/Accounts Payable (Full Rights)

                         Contacts (Full Rights)

                       Ledger (Full Rights)


                                    General (Full Rights)

                                    Contacts (Full Rights)

                                    Shifts (Full Rights)

                                    Unit Calendar (Full Rights)

                                     Ledger (Full Rights)

- Scheduling


Shift Request (Partial Access:

"Search button", "Notify Staffer button", "Copy button", "New Shift button", "Main data", "Caregiver combobox","Scheduler combobox","Confirm by Facility", "Cancel by Facility", "Return by Facility", "No Call No Show", "Facility Shift status", "Create as separate shifts checkbox", "Filled By Facility", "Account Manager","Shift #", "Duration", Shift Type", End Time", Lunch", "Workers Comp Code", "Workdays", "Shift Property", " Category", "Degree", "Specialty"," Unit Contact", " Shift Location",  "Entered By", "Discrepancy"," Comment"," Notify Facility",

"Delete button" - Full Rights;

For other sections - "Not Accessible")

Candidate Search (Partial Access:

For section "Main Data" - ReadOnly;

For other sections - "Not Accessible")



Contract Request (Partial Access:

"Main Data", "Cancel by Facility", "View Contract Rates", "View Upload" - Full Rights;

"Cancel by Caregiver", "Recruiter", "Scheduler", "Account Manager" - Read Only;

For other sections - "Not Accessible")


            Travel Needs

Need Request (Partial Access:

"Main Data", "Copy Need button",  "Facility field", "Unit Contact", - Full Rights ;

"Account Manager" - Read Only;

For other sections - "Not Accessible")

                        Candidates/Assigned (Partial Access:

section "Main Data" and "Assign" checkbox" - Read Only;

For other sections - "Not Accessible")


            Submissions General (Partial Access:

"View Sent Profile button" ,"Interview", "Offer Pending", "Reject", "Accept", "Cancel by Facility", "Notify Facility" -  Full Rights;

“Main Data”, “Recruiter”, “Account Manager”, ”Status” - Read Only;

For other sections - "Not Accessible")


            Permanent Placement

Placement Request (Partial Access:

"Main Data", ""Copy Permanent Placement" button", Facility field, "Cancel by facility" checkbox" - Full Rights;

"Account Manager" - Read Only

For other sections - "Not Accessible")

Candidates/Assigned (Partial Access:

section "Main Data" and "Assign" checkbox" - Read Only;

For other sections - "Not Accessible")



General (Partial Access:

"View Sent Profile button" ,"Interview", "Offer Pending", "Reject", "Accept", "Cancel by Facility", "Notify Facility" на  Full Rights;

“Main Data”, “Recruiter”, “Account Manager”, ”Status” - Read Only;

For other sections - "Not Accessible")



All TimeSheets (Empl& SC)

(Open only section "Approve By Facility" for Full Rights; For other sections - "Not Accessible")

(For now implemented only for All TimeSheets (Empl& SC))

Important Facts to Know about Permissions for Hospital Contact User Group?


·        For Hospital Contact User group – DO NOT assign permissions that are higher that default.

Example: Permission default to Read Only – you can assign Not Accessible; YOU CAN NOT assign Full Rights

·        Save Default permissions on your computer and keep them handy in case of any required changes in the Permission tree for Hospital Contact User group.


·        Two ways for Hospital Portal Permissions configuration:

1.      Open permissions manually based on the instructions for default Permissions

2.      Utilize internal scrip and manipulate permissions after the script is ran

To utilize the script, please contact Support at support@blueskymss.com

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