Setting up Invoicing in BlueSky

Like payroll, invoicing in BlueSky can be customized to match your company workflow. This article will walk you through the basics of setting up and running invoicing in BlueSky.

1. Set your payment flags: this step is typically done by system admins when configuring BlueSky.
a. Click Admin > Setup > Company Setup.
b. Click on the name of your Region, then click Edit. 
c. Scroll to Payment Flags, and check Invoice. Checking this box, along with Payroll, tells your system that you want bill all facilities in this region for shifts worked at those facilities. 

****If you select Invoice in more than one Region, you MUST run invoicing for each Region. 3 Regions with Invoice flag checked = 3 separate Invoicing runs.****

2. Setup billing periods at your Facilities.
a. Click Entries > Facilities. 
b. Filter to a Region.
c. Click on the name of a Facility, then click on the Billing Rules tab:

d. Click on the Period Type drop down menu, and select Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly. If you select Bi-Weekly, you can check the Week Offset box if applicable to bill on the 2nd and 4th week of the month. Remember that more billing periods = more invoicing runs in BlueSky.
e. Click on the Week Start drop down menu and select the day on which the billing week starts. If your billing period is weekly and starts on Sunday, then all shifts scheduled from Sunday to the following Saturday are included in the billing period.
f. If this facility uses P.O. or DUNS numbers, click on the Ref Type drop down menu and select either P.O. or DUNS. You can also enter the P.O. or DUNS number in the Ref # field.
g. If this facility has a different invoice term than all others in this Region, uncheck the Use Region Term box and enter the specific term in the Invoice Term field.
h. If this facility is a VMS facility and the vendor requires specific language on the invoice, check Use Vendor Invoice Statement and enter the statement in the box below.
i. Click on the Invoice Type drop down menu to select a specific template.
  • Simple Format:
  • BSS Default: invoices will be run in alphabetical order by facility, unit(s) in the facility, and caregiver last name within the unit(s).
  • Government: same as BSS Default, but the Task Order and Unit Clin(s) number(s) will be included with each unit.
j. Repeat for each of your Facilities if needed.

3. Run invoicing in BlueSky:
a. Check/set your current invoice periods.
b. Click Payroll > Set Current Pay/Bill Period. If you have more than one Region, click on the Region drop down menu and click on the name of the region. If you have more than one invoice period, you'll see it listed under Invoice Period:

c. If your invoice periods are correct, click OK.
d. If you process payroll before your billing, go through the payroll process.
e. Click Invoicing > Facility Invoices:

f. Select the Region (if applicable) underneath System Settings.
g. The Invoice Period will automatically populate when you select the Region. Confirm that the invoice period matches your current bill period in Payroll > Set Current Pay/Bill Period.
h. Click OK. BlueSky will generate a PDF of your invoices in a separate tab. ****If you have more than one invoice period (ex. biweekly, monthly, etc.) you must run each invoice period.****
i. Click Payroll > Set Current Pay/Bill Period and roll each Invoice period forward.

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