How do I create a Reminder?

In BlueSky, you can create Reminders for any company user on any screen in any section of the system. 

Create a Reminder from the Toolbox:
The Toolbox is on every screen in BlueSky. Look for the two yellow arrows on the right hand side of your screen:

1. Hover over the arrows and click on the Add a Note icon.
2. Just like a Note, select the Note Group, Status (if applicable), Note Type, and Show Note For:

3. To make this Note a Reminder, check the box next to Reminder.
4. Select the company user this Reminder is for by clicking on the Task For drop down menu. If you use our Outlook integration, you can send this Reminder as an email to the company user you selected. This article has more information on how to download, install, and use the Outlook integration:
5. Click OK.
6. The company user will see this Reminder on their homepage when they login to BlueSky:

7. Or by clicking on the Reminders tab.

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