Payroll Reports

Payroll reports are an integral part of the payroll process in BlueSky. There are two reports that you can use each week when running payroll:

Shifts to be Paid by Caregiver: this report is based off timesheets,and will show you all caregivers with timesheets to be paid out for the week. You can include Other Payments in this report, or you can run Other Payments by Caregiver to see this information.

To run this report:
1. Go to Reports > Payroll Reports > Shifts to be Paid by Caregiver.

  • Select a Region underneath Criteria. When you do this, the Pay Week will automatically populate. Confirm that the pay week matches the pay week you are currently processing.
  • You can choose to show only the Pay Amount or both the Pay and Bill Amounts.
  • If you process hundreds of timesheets each week, click Only create csV file. The report will generate as a CSV file, but will not lock or freeze BlueSky.
  • If you approve timesheets before paying them out, select either Match With Payroll/Invoice Settings or Approved by Agency - Yes.
  • Caregivers will be listed alphabetically by last name on the report:

Unpaid Timesheets: BlueSky automatically creates timesheets to match every shift entered in your system; you see them when you click on the Caregiver drop down in the timesheets grid. If you click on a caregiver's name, but delete timesheets that weren't worked, you'll see a popup warning you about unpaid timesheets. You will also see this warning if there are timesheets that have not been pulled into the timesheets grid. You can see these timesheets by running the Unpaid Timesheets report for your current pay week.

Pay History by Caregiver: This report functions like the Shift History tab in a caregiver profile or Facility Ledger in a facility profile; you can see a caregiver's pay history over all or specific dates. 1. Click Pay History by Caregiver.
2. Select a Region.
3. Select a Caregiver or Subcontractor.
4. Enter a date range or search all dates. 
5.Click OK. The report will list timesheets and other payments in chronological order:


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