Revenue Reports

These reports are based off timesheets and other payments that are billed out of BlueSky. There are several very useful reports in this section, all of which will give you key data about your company's profits. This article covers a few of these reports.
  • Billing By Week: This report ties into your timesheet/other payment approval settings, and is a preview of your invoicing for the week. Once you pull in timesheets and other payments for the week, click Reports > Revenue Reports > Billing By Week to see invoicing for the week. If anything is incorrect, you can correct before actually running billing.

  • Commission Report: This report breaks your profit down by Account Manager and/or Recruiter. These roles must be assigned when the shifts are entered, as the report is based on timesheets pulled into the timesheets grid.

  • Missed Revenue: Run this report to see any revenue lost because of shifts/travel needs that were cancelled.

  • Executive Summary Report: This report combines a few different types of reports; scheduling, payroll, and billing. Run this report to get an idea of how many caregivers worked in a certain time period, how many hours they worked, as well as your company profit.

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