Scheduling Reports

All of the reports in Reports > Scheduling Reports are designed to give you insight into the work scheduled by your company.

  • Cancelled Shifts: This report will show you the number of shifts cancelled during a certain time period, and if they were cancelled by the facility, a company user, or by the assigned caregiver. 

  • Caregivers Working By Recruiter: To see how many caregivers your recruiters are placing, run this report. In the screenshot below, this recruiter had 3 caregivers working in week 2 of 2017.

  • Scheduled Hours: This report is based on shifts scheduled, and will give you an idea of how many hours caregivers were scheduled to to work in a certain time frame.
  • Scheduled Shifts: Like Scheduled Hours, this report is based on shifts entered in BlueSky. This report breaks down the scheduled hours by facility and also shows the shift type, pay rate, and bill rate.

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