5.7 Daily Pay Guide

Daily Pay Guide

  1. Begin by entering % of Daily pay advancement. Daily pay % is entered in Admin/Setup/Company Setup

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2. The % can be added on Company level and on Region levels. In both cases the % box can be found in the General Information section:

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3. Next, proceed with scheduling portion as usual.

4. When you are ready to run daily pay, click Payroll > Set Current Pay/Bill Period to check or change the pay week for your system.

5. Click Employee TimeSheets, make sure your filter is set to the correct Region and Pay Week. Change one or both, if needed.

6. Click on the Caregiver drop-down menu in the grid to pull any timesheets that you wish to pay today.

7. Edit start/finish times if needed, and check/edit pay and bill rates if needed.

8. Find the Incl in early pay column in the grid Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 34958 PMpng,and check the box that matches each timesheet you wish to process today.

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9. You can also click on the Timesheet Detail box CUserssologAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContentWord2017-04-18 16_02_55-Shift TimeSheetspng and mark a Timesheet as a daily pay from inside the Timesheet Detail window

10. Next, click Pay Employees.

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11. Select Early Pay, and enter today’s date. Click OK.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 41504 PMpng

12. You’ll see a popup with links to two .csv files. The first file contains employee address information, the second contains employee pay information.

You can download these files to send to your payroll processor or import to your payroll/invoicing system. Click OK.

13. BlueSky will generate pay documentation for each timesheet in PDF format.

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14. Gross pay column will show Daily pay amount for a shift while in the comment you will see a detailed Note.

                   That Note will specify the Gross amount for Daily pay, based on the % from the Company/Region setup and Full amount.

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15. Remining portion of the Daily pay will be paid during the regular Payroll:

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*** Daily pay timesheet that are not paid on a daily basis will remain in the system until the Daily Pay is run. ***

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