How do I complete the Employment tab of a Caregiver profile?

The Employment tab houses information about the Caregiver's employment with your staffing company.

  • Note the email address and phone number in the upper right corner. You'll see these on every tab of the Caregiver's profile and you can click on either icon to send an email to this Caregiver or a text (if you use our mass texting integration).
Location Settings: the Employed In region is the Caregiver's home region; the region you were filtered to when you clicked New Caregiver. To edit this Caregiver's profile in the future, you must filter to the Employed In region.
  • If you have multiple regions, and want to fully utilize your caregiver database, you'll add regions to the Works in field. When you enter a Shift, BlueSky searches for Caregivers who can work that shift that have the same Degree, Specialty, category, availability, and Region as the Facility. If your Caregiver isn't in that region, they won't be included in the candidate search.
  • To add a region, click the blue Add button next to Works in:

  • Click on the Region drop down menu, click on one of your other regions, and click OK. In the image below, note the two regions listed in Works in. This means that Kate Bennett will be included in candidate searches for open jobs in these two regions.

the options you see here are the type of jobs this Caregiver is willing to work. You selected a Default Category when you configured your Company Setup. This default option is displayed in the Category field. You can add other categories by checking the boxes next to Traveler and Permanent Placement. In the image below, note that the Default Category is Per Diem, and that Permanent Placement is checked:

  • When Shifts or Permanent Placements are entered in either of the regions that Kate Works in, and she has the matching Degree, Specialty, and Availability, she will be included in the candidate search.
Employment Status: the options in this list tell BlueSky what kind of employee this caregiver is:

  • Seek Employment with this Firm: a W2 employee.
  • Work through: a subcontractor, but not a 1099. This is a caregiver that is a W2 employee of another agency.
  • 1099: a self employed subcontractor, usually a physician.
  • Converted to Hospital System: this caregiver accepted a perm placement position or their contract was bought out by a facility and they are now an employee of that facility.
  • If you select either Work through or 1099 and you run payroll and invoicing, you will need to open up the SC (SubContractor) Payroll and run a separate payroll.
Caregiver #/NPI/Payroll ID: these are employee ID numbers, either internal or payroll ID numbers. An NPI (National Provider Identifier) is usually assigned to physicians.

Employment Details: enter details about the caregiver's employment with your company in this section.

  • Recruiter: click on the drop down menu and then click on a company user's name to assign that user as recruiter.
  • Preferred Pay Method: informational only, click on the drop down to select the caregiver's preferred pay method. This is a system list and can be edited in Admin >Setup > System Lists.
  • Date Applied: the date this profile was entered into the system, whether manually, from a data import, or by the caregiver submitting an online application.
  • Availability Date: enter the date this caregiver is available to work. This caregiver will not be included in candidate searches for open jobs before this date in your system.This field is optional.
  • Hire Date: enter the date your company hired this caregiver or the start date of their first work assignment. This field is optional.
  • Termination Date: enter the date your company terminated this caregiver or the caregiver resigned. You should also change the caregiver's status to Inactive to prevent them from being included in future candidate searches or receiving future notifications about open jobs. This field is optional.
  • Preferred States: click on the flag to select states in which the caregiver prefers to work. If a state is selected, the caregiver will only be included in candidate searches for jobs in this state with the degree and specialty that matches theirs.This field is optional.
Work in Facilities: enter details about this caregiver's work in your facilities in this section.

  • Assignment: the Facility and Unit fields are used to indicate a permanent placement. If the caregiver accepts a perm placement OR a facility buys out the caregiver's contract, use this section indicate which facility and unit in which the caregiver is placed.
  • DNR/WNG: if a facility requests this caregiver not return OR the caregiver requests not to be sent to a facility, click the blue Add button and add this flag to the caregiver profile. The caregiver will be excluded from candidate searches for future open jobs that he/she would match.
  • Badge IDs: if you want to track and report on badge ID numbers issued to this caregiver, click the blue Add button to enter that information.
How did you hear about us? Track referrals, recruiting, and marketing here.

  • Source: Click on the drop down menu and select a referral source. This system list can be edited in Admin > Setup > System Lists.
  • Referred by: If Another Caregiver is selected as the referral source, this field will open up. If the caregiver was referred by someone who doesn't work for your company, enter their last name and first name in the boxes. If the referee is one of your current caregivers, click on the drop down menu and select their name.

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