BlueSky Job Board


This is a description of configuration parameters available for controlling the free Bluesky Job Board.

There are three types of interface available: Map, Table, List. Sample of each are shown and discussed below. All three can be accessed via the standard url:<companyalias>&it=<interfacetype>

Where <CompanyAlias> is your company alias (i.e. the name your company chose for the url login),  <InterfaceType> defines type of the interface you would like to use: 1 – Map, 2 – Table, 3-List.

To embed this applet into your marketing site create an <iframe> tag and link to the applet as a source attribute:

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Job Board view type

1. Map

2. Table

3. List View

Interface Elements and configuration parameters

In addition to the type of interface and alias there are several other parameters you can use to fine tune what jobs appear. All parameters should be appended to the standard URL and separated with the ampersand (the normal URL query string syntax). Below, the descriptions of parameters grouped by the type of behavior those control. Note: all parameters are URL encoded.

Date Range Parameters

Name Parameter Description Sample
Date From f=<datefrom> Show jobs starting from the datefrom &f=1%2F1%2F2020
Date To t=<dateto> Show jobs with the starting date up to a dateto &t=1%2F31%2F2020
Floating date range fd=<days> Show jobs between Today and Today + days. "days" might be negative


If today is 30 January, show jobs 1/1 - 1/30

Job Source Parameters  

Name Parameter Description Sample
BSS jobs Bss=<-1 | 0 | 1 | 2 >

-1 do not show BSS jobs

0 show jobs from Shifts

1 show jobs from Needs and Permanent Placements

2 show all jobs: Shifts, Travel Needs, Permanent Placements

Capture jobs c=<-1 | 0 | 1 | 2 >

-1 do not show Capture jobs

0 show Capture Shifts

1 show Capture Needs and Permanent Placements

2 show all capture jobs: Shifts, Travel Needs, Permanent Placements


Filter Control

Fig 1

Job Board style ‘Table’ (Job Board view #2, parameter: &it=2) shown on the Figure 1 has 4 groups of filters which could be controlled with the following parameters:

Name Parameter Description Sample
Top Filter Control  fv=111

There are 3 groups of filters marked on the figure as:

1 - date range

2 - location

3 - specialty 

Each position in the filter control group controls appearance of a particular group. Filter control value is a 3 digit number ABC. 

Each of the positions could have value 0 (off) or 1 (on) turning a corresponding group on and off. 

Position A - controls group 1

Position B - controls group 2

Position C - controls group 3

Default: 111


show location group and hide date and specialty group of filter

 Column Filter  fc=<0|1>

Columns filter parameter control appearance of the filter group 4

default: 1


Hide column filter

 Filter content um=<0|1>

Capture jobs could be mapped (to BlueSky facilities, units, shifts, degree, specialties) or not mapped. If un-mapped jobs are configured to appear in the job board. 

By default, mapped jobs are shown. If you wish to *not* show mapped jobs, please contact support. 

Filters should be configured to use values from Capture rather than default BlueSky values. This parameter directs the job board to use Capture values.

default: 0


Populate filters with values from Capture rather than BCC

User Interface Parameters

(below) Applicable to job board interface 1 (map) [parameter: &it=1 ]

Name Parameter Description Sample
Width w=<width in pixels>

Width of the window to show

Default: 100%

Height h=<height in pixels> Height of the window to show &h-400

(below) Applicable to interface type = 3 (detail list) [parameter: &it=3 ]

Name Parameter Description Sample
Width lw=<left width in pixels>

Width of the left window to show




In additional to the parameters described in this document it is possible to further customize the job board looks like and behaves:

  • Customer logo might be shown at the top

  • Customized headers

  • Columns of the grid could be added or hidden

  • Where to redirect when ‘Apply’ is clicked

  • *Colors, fonts could be adjusted per customer request

  • **Filter changes

Always contact support first, so Bluesky is aware of the request:

*Colors/Fonts: for this customization please download the latest (free) Bootstrap template, style and sent to support.

**Filter changes: using Photoshop or other tool, design how you wish the job board filters to look and send to support.

If none of the above options are satisfactory, please contact and request the api documentation for custom design. This will allow you to develop your own job board to use in conjunction with Bluesky.

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