How do I enter timesheets in BlueSky?

There are 3 ways to enter timesheets in BlueSky for payroll:

1. Manually: as you receive timesheets from your Caregivers or facilities, you manually enter shifts and pull them into the TimeSheets grid.

2. Via the BlueSky Mobile App: your Caregivers clock in and out for shifts already entered in BlueSky. You'll see the timesheets when you click on Payroll > Employee TimeSheets, filter to the correct Region and Pay Week, and click the Caregiver dropdown menu. The mobile app is free for your caregivers to use! Click on the Mobile App section of the Knowledge Base for more information on the app and how it works! 

3. Via an import: you receive a time and attendance report from your facilities listing each caregiver, the days, and times they worked. You format this report into one of our import templates and upload it into your system. Contact BlueSky Support for more information.

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