Does BlueSky integrate with Facebook?

I want to post jobs and recruit caregivers on Facebook; can I do this with BlueSky? Yes! Linking your BlueSky system and your company's Facebook page is easy and free. Travel and Perm Placement Needs entered in BlueSky can be pushed to Facebook to recruit new caregivers.

Setting up the Facebook integration:

1. You must be an admin for your company's Facebook page

2. In BlueSky, open Facebook in Permissions:

  • Click Admin > Permissions > Permissions
  • Select the appropriate Region and User Group
  • Click OK.
  •  You'll enable Permissions in 3 areas; Integrated Systems, Travel Needs, and Permanent Placement
2. Enable Permissions in Integrated Systems:

  • Click the + sign next to Admin
  • Click the + sign next to Integrated Systems
  • Click the + sign next to Tabsets
  • Click on the word FaceBook. The Permission should be set to Full Rights, if not, change the Permission and click OK.

  • Click the + sign next to Facebook, and enable (if you need to) the sub-menu items:

3. Enable Permissions in Travel Needs and Permanent Placement:

  • Click the + sign next to Scheduling
  • Click the + sign next to Travel Needs
  • Click the + sign next to Tabsets
  • Click the + sign next to Need Request
  • Click the + sign next to Sections
  • Scroll to Post Need onto Facebook Page, click on the words:

  • Set the Permission to Full Rights
  • Click OK
  • Follow the same steps for Permanent Placement
  • Changes take effect after you click Save, log out of BlueSky, and log back in.

4. Link your BlueSky user to your company's Facebook page:

  • Click Admin > Integrated Systems > Facebook Users

  • Click New

  • Select your User Group
  • Select your User Name
  • Click Login
  • Repeat for each company user that you would like to post jobs
5. Link your BlueSky system to your Facebook page:

  • Click Facebook Pages in Integrated Systems
  • Select which pages to post Travel Needs or Permanent Placements

  • Click Save
6. Post your Travel Needs/Permanent Placement Needs to Facebook:

  • Enter a Travel or Permanent Placement Need in BlueSky
  • Click Save
  • Click the Facebook icon at the top of the page: 
  • Edit the post:

  • Click OK
  • Repeat for Permanent Placement Needs

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