Shifts with empty rates

When shifts are entered, BlueSky will prompt the scheduler to enter pay and bill rates if none are found in the caregiver, unit, or facility profiles. If the scheduler does not enter the rates when he/she enters the shift, the payroll team will see a "There are empty pay rates" popup when pulling timesheets into the timesheets. Payroll (and billing) cannot be run in BlueSky if rates are missing. In addition, all company users will see this popup every time they click Scheduling > Shifts:

Rather than click through every shift to see if rates have been entered, click Reports > Scheduling Reports > Shifts With Missed Rates and generate a list of these shifts:

There are several ways to filter this report.
  • Region: always select a region!
  • Dates: enter a date range or run all dates.
  • Check: in BlueSky, there are shift rates and timesheet rates. Often, the two are the same. If you want to see only shifts entered with no rates, select Only Shift Rates. If you're seeing the empty rates popup in payroll, select Only TimeSheet Rates. To see both missing shift rates and timesheet rates, select Shift & TimeSheet Rates.
All fields in the Criteria section are ways to narrow the list down to make it easier for you to identify shifts with missed rates.

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