How do I send Prophecy Skills Checklists to my Caregivers?

First, let us know if you already use Prophecy or if you want to start! You can send Prophecy checklists to your caregivers to complete, and the results and completed lists are captured and stored in your BlueSky system.

Second, your caregivers must be able to login to BlueSky. If you need user IDs and passwords created for your caregivers, let Support know!

1. Link your Specialties to Prophecy checklists:

  • Click Admin > Setup > Specialties.
  • Filter to the appropriate Degree to see Specialties associated with that Degree (use your magnifying glass).
  • Click the "Profile CheckList" drop down menu. Look for the Checklist that matches the specialty name, and select that checklist. *Hint* any checklists with (BlueSky) after the specialty name are not Prophecy checklists:

  • Click OK.

2. Send checklists to your caregivers.
  • Click Entries > Caregivers > Filter to the correct region and caregiver.
  • Click Degrees/Specialties in the left side menu.
  • Click on the Prophecy icon: 
  • Click Skills Assessments: 

  • Select the linked checklist.
  • Click Make Request to send the checklist to your caregiver:

What happens next? Your caregiver receives a notification from your system that she needs to complete a skills checklist. Once she has completed the checklist, you'll get a notification that the checklist has been completed and the results are stored in your BlueSky system.

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