What are Invoicing Groups?

If you staff a large hospital system that requires all units to be grouped together on one invoice, you can accomplish this in BlueSky with Invoicing Groups. All Therapy units will have one invoice number, as will all Children's Hospital or Women's Care units. Each Invoice Group will create a separate invoice number that is completely separate from the rest of the facility.

To setup an Invoicing Group:
1. Click Entries > Facilities > Filter to a Region > right click on the name of a facility.
2. Click Invoicing Groups.

3. Click New. The following screen will appear:

4. Enter a name for this group. Then click the blue Save New Group button.

5. Add units to the group by clicking on the Add icon. Check the Add box next to each unit that you want to add to this Invoicing Group:

6. Click OK.
7. Select a Facility Contact for this Invoicing Group. Click on the Name drop-down menu to select from contacts already entered, or click the Add Contact icon to add a new contact:

What address should be in the Group Address fields? This depends on what you have selected in the Corporate/Accounts Payable tab. If you have Facility General/Invoice Group selected, the facility general address will pull. It will also show on the invoice for this group.

TIP: when invoice groups are created and set, the user must go to the Corporate/Accounts Payable area for the Facility and make sure the Invoicing Group is indicated. 

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