Setting up Invoicing Groups and their Contacts

"I see a place for Invoicing Groups, could you explain the function of this feature? I tried to experiment with it, and it is saying I need to add a contact with an email, but the contact name is a dropdown, which is blank, and I cannot figure out where to add contacts that will be available to choose from for this list."

You will use invoicing groups if the Facility requires Units to be grouped together in one invoice number (such as all the Therapy Units get one invoice number or all Children's Hospital Units gets one invoice number). You could even go as far as setting up separate invoice groups for each unit, therefore creating a separate invoice number for each unit.

Just remember: each Invoice Group creates a separate invoice number, which is completely separate from the rest of the facility.

Those parameters are set here by doing the following:

1. Click Entries - Facilities - Filter to the facility - Invoicing Groups.

2. Click New. The following screen will appear.

3. Type in the name for the Invoicing Group and click the Save New Group button.
4. Once the name has been filled in, the user will be able to assign which units are to be included in the invoice group.

5. Fill in the Contact Information and the Invoice Group Address.

6. Click OK.

NOTE: In the Facility Corporate Accounts/Payable tab, if "Use Address on Invoice" has "Facility/Invoicing Group" selected then the address is taken from the invoice group setup so be sure to fill the address out.

TIP: when invoice groups are created and set, the user must go to the Corporate/Accounts Payable area for the Facility and make sure the Invoicing Group is indicated. 

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