Per Diem Scheduling

To enter Per Diem orders in BlueSky, start by clicking Scheduling > Shifts.
  • Filter to a Region and click OK. The next screen you'll see is the Shifts Grid. This grid lists all shifts in this Region, in date order (earliest to most recent).
  • Click New Shift:

  • Enter details about the order:
  • ID: This number is auto-populated by your system after you enter and save the shift.
  • Shift #: This is optional.
  • Facility: Select a facility (you entered these in Entries > Facilities) from the drop down menu.
  • Unit: Select a unit (you entered these in Entries > Facilities > Units) from the drop down menu. Remember the rules of BlueSky: every facility has to have one or more units. If you set up your units correctly, the default degree and specialties for the unit you select will automatically populate. If you did not do this correctly, take a minute to do this now.
  • Start Date: Select the start date of the shift. If the start date is ASAP, use the “Check if Start Date is ASAP” checkbox.
  • Duration: Select 1 day from the dropdown menu. For longer Per Diem shifts, you can select week(s) or month(s). If you enter a duration of more than 1 day, the Create as separate shifts checkbox becomes enabled. Check this box.
  • Specify non-working days: Use this icon to specify non-working days, i.e. holidays or weekends.  
  • Shift Type: Select the shift type (you entered these in Entries > Facilities > Shifts or Entries > Facilities > Units > Shifts). If you entered these correctly, once you select the shift type, the shift start and end times, as well as the default lunch will automatically populate. If these fields do not automatically populate, go back and fix this J The shift start and end times can be edited if needed. *** If the actual time a caregiver clocked in and out is different from the shift start and end time, you can manually edit this when you are running Payroll.***
  • Include in OT Calc: Check if this shift should be included in Pay/Bill OT calculations.
  • On Call, Chargeback, Callback, and Pool: Check if this shift is an On Call/Chargeback/Callback/Pool. You set the pay and billing rules for these in Entries > Facilities > OT/Holiday and Other or Entries > Facilities > Units > OT/Holiday and Other. ***Notice that the number of days/shifts is auto calculated and the non-working days/dates are listed in red.***
  • Caregiver: If you already know the caregiver you will assign to this shift, select that caregiver from the drop down menu. If you do not know, caregivers that are available and have the required degree and specialty will be listed on the “Candidate Search” screen.
  • Category: Select the degree and category for this unit.
  • Degree/Specialty: This will auto-populate based on the facility and unit you select. If you have NOT SET UP YOUR DEGREES, SPECIALTIES, FACILITIES, OR UNITS CORRECTLY, now is the time to fix them!
  • Unit Contact(s): This will auto-populate based on the facility and unit you selected. If there are multiple contacts, select one from the list.
  • Comment: Optional field to communicate information pertaining to a shift.
  • Discrepancy: If the assigned caregiver is missing credentials, has not been unit approved, has not been oriented to the facility, or does not meet JC/Company requirements, a message will display in red here. You can run a report on discrepancies.
  • Scheduler: This defaults to the user creating the shift, but you can select a different company user. This is also where you will select the Account Manager and Recruiter.
  • Shift Location: The region (you created this in Admin > Setup > Company Setup) associated with the facility and unit you selected.


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