Adding Facilities

Your facilities, or your clients, are the places you staff. Follow the steps below to add a facility to your BlueSky system.

1. Click Entries > Facilities > Filter to a region. Click on New Facility:

2. The next screen you'll see is the General tab of a facility profile. This is where you'll enter basic information about the facility; such as address, phone number, website, etc. Information about each unit will be entered separately. 

Required Fields:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Status
Optional Fields:
  • Phone Number
  • Facility #
  • Website
  • Date 1st Used
  • e-Mail
  • Master Vendor/Entity Vendor/Facility Portal:use if this facility belongs to an VMS company (ex. ShiftWise or Aya). This article covers how to link vendors and facilities:
  • Address
  • Directions: enter comments or information here related to parking, check-in at start of shift, etc. Caregivers assigned to shifts at this facility will receive an automated email notification with information about the shift, including anything entered in the Directions field.
  • Placement: facility preference for specific caregivers/caregivers approved to work in a specific facility/physician privileges. Placement is covered in this article:
  • Notes
  • Credentials: a list of required docs specific to this facility. This list is also on the unit level.
  • GSA Limitation: select a GSA destination and/or county if this is a travel facility.
3. Click Save and Proceed to move to the Corporate/Accounts Payable tab.This is where you'll enter any information that needs to pull to the facility invoice generated in BlueSky.

  • If the facility information; name, address, etc., entered in the General tab should pull to the invoice, click Copy from General Page.
  • Name: pulls from the General tab.
  • Address: pulls from the General tab, if entered. If the address should be that of the VMS company, check Use Vendor Address.
  • Contact Person/Phone#/Fax#/e-Mail: these fields are optional. You'll enter facility contacts in the Contacts tab.
  • Facility Code/Payroll Code/Payroll Group: these fields are optional; if you use a payroll processing company, you may have to create codes or identifiers for your facilities. those are entered in the Facility Code field. The same applies to Payroll Code and Payroll Group.
  • Accts Payable: this field is optional; enter the name of the person at this facility that handles accounts payable or invoicing.
  • Use Address on Invoice: select the mailing address that should appear on the invoice.
  • Send Invoice via e-Mail: check to send invoices generated in BlueSky to the email address in the Invoice e-Mail field. ***Invoices are sent as soon as they are generated in BlueSky; you won't have a chance to adjust and re-send.***
  • Account Manager: select the Company User that works with this facility. This person will receive automated email notifications about shifts at this facility.

4. Click Save and Proceed to move to the Contacts tab. Each facility in BlueSky must have one contact. Please enter as many as you wish, but you must have one! 

5. To enter a new contact, click New.

  • First Name/Mid Name/Last Name: enter the first and last name of the contact.
  • E-Mail: enter the contact's email address. If email notifications to facilities are enabled, the notifications are sent to this address.
  • User Type: this is an optional field; select Administration or Undefined.
  • Title: this field is optional; enter the contact's job title.
  • Status: select Active or Inactive.
  • No Mass Emails: select if this contact does not want to receive mass emails from your system.
  • Use as Default at Unit Level: select if this contact should be the default for each unit in this facility.
  • Unit User Type: this field is optional; if Use as Default at Unit Level is checked, click this drop down to select Director, Manager, or Undefined.
  • Phones: this field is optional; click New to enter a phone number for this contact.
  • Click OK.
6. Click on the Notes tab. Enter notes about this facility, contacts, billing, or units in this tab. Remember: Notes are only visible to company users.

7. Click New to enter a note:

  • Note the Date and Time stamps at the top of the Note screen.
  • Click on the Type drop down menu and select a type.
  • Enter more details in the Note field.
  • Notes can be tagged to caregiver, unit, contact, SC Company, or company user profiles. Click on the appropriate drop down menu and select as needed.
  • If the note should also be a reminder for another company user, check the Reminder box and select the user.
  • If you use our Outlook integration, check Reminder and Send to Outlook to send the note as an email.
  • Click OK.
8. Click on the Contracts tab. Think of this tab as a digital filing cabinet to store contracts between your company and the facility.

9. Click on the Shifts tab. This is where you'll enter shift start and end times at the facility. ***Even if your caregivers are on assignment and the schedule is worked out once they get to the facility, there must be start and end times to schedule shifts and process timesheets. You can edit/overwrite start and end times.***

10. Click on the Rates tab. This is where you'll enter pay and bill rates for work on the facility level. If rates are specific to the unit rather than the facility, you'll enter them in the unit profile. This article goes in-depth on BlueSky rates logic and suggests how to enter rates in the facility profile:

11. Click on the Orientation Rules tab. If the facility requires caregivers to work orientation hours, you'll enter those here.

  • Total number of hours (for orientation): enter the total number of orientation hours in this box.
  • Number of hours (not billed): if you don't bill the facility for some or all of the orientation hours, enter the number of hours in this box.
  • Rate percentage to be billed for the hours left: if you bill at a discount, or at the full rate, enter that percentage in this box.
  • Number of months allowed for being not in service before another orientation is required: if a caregiver must work orientation hours after not working at this facility for a certain period of time, enter that period in this box.
  • Click Save and Proceed.
12. The Billing Rules tab is where you'll enter details about how you bill this facility.

  • If clock in/out times at this facility are rounded, enter the rules here. Example: if any clock-ins after the top of the hour are rounded up to 10 minutes after, click on the Round To drop down menu and select 10. Then click on the Round Up From drop down menu and select 1.
  • Use Region Time Rounding: this is for calculating the total number of hours worked in a day (or week, month, etc.) at this facility. 1 decimal place will round to the nearest 10th, 2 decimal places will round to the nearest 100th.
  • Period Type: select the billing period for this facility: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Week Start: if the billing period is weekly or bi-weekly, select the day of the week the billing period starts. If monthly is selected, then the period begins on the 1st and ends on the 30th or 31st of the month.
  • Week Offset: if you select b-weekly, but bill the 2nd and 4th week of the month instead of the 1st and 3rd, check this box.
  • Ref Type: if billing at this facility is tied to a PO or DUNS, click this drop down menu and select either PO or DUNS. Enter the PO or DUNS number in the Ref # field.
  • Use Region Invoice Term: if this facility invoice term is the same as all facilities in this region, check this box. If not, enter the invoice term in the Invoice Term field.
  • Invoice Type: select the layout style of invoice for this facility. This article gives examples of each type:
  • Use Vendor Invoice Statement: if there is language that must be on the invoice per the VMS company, check this box. The language is entered in the vendor profile.
  • Use Region Burden: if the burden (or cost of staffing) is the same for all facilities in this region, check this box. If not, enter the burden as a percentage in the Burden field.
  • Timesheets/Other Payments Included in Invoice: if boxes are already checked, approval settings have been set at the region level. If this facility is different for timesheets that are billed out, uncheck Use Region Invoice Settings, and select either/or Only Approved by Facility and Only Approved by Agency.
  • Timesheets/Other Payments Included in Payroll: these settings apply to timesheets that are paid out of your system. Any boxes already checked are approval settings enabled at the region level. If this facility is different, uncheck Use Region Payroll Settings and select either/or Match with Invoice Settings, Only Approved by Facility, or Only Approved by Agency.
  • Summer/Winter Time Settings: if all facilities follow daylight savings time, this setting is enabled on the region level. If this facility is different, uncheck Use Region Settings and/or Apply Daylight Saving Time (DST).
  • Click Save and Proceed.
13. If there are different pay and bill settings for overtime, holidays, and special kinds of shifts, you'll configure those settings in the Overtime, Holiday, and Other tab. For an in-depth discussion of settings in this tab, refer to this article:

14. Invoice template settings (how the invoice is setup) are configured in the Invoice Setup tab. This article has more information on invoice templates:
15. Click on the Units tab to enter the units in this facility. Units are covered in-depth in this article:
16. If this facility belongs to an Invoicing Group, that is setup in this tab. This article discusses Invoicing Groups:
17. To see all work scheduled in this facility, click the Facility Calendar tab. The calendar is searchable by unit, degree, and/or specialty. You can also schedule shifts from the facility calendar.
18. The Ledger shows all timesheets paid and billed out for this facility.

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