Add a new Facility to your system

Your facilities, or your clients, are the places you staff. Follow the steps below to add a facility to your BlueSky system.

1. Click Entries > Facilities > Filter to a region. Click on New Facility:

2. The next screen you'll see is the General tab of a facility profile. This is where you'll enter basic information about the facility; such as address, phone number, website, etc. Information about each unit will be entered separately.  

Required Fields:

  • Facility Name
  • Type
  • Status
  • Region
Optional Fields:
  • Phone Number
  • Facility #/Website/Date 1st Used/e-Mail
  • Master Vendor/Entity Vendor/Facility Portal: use if you staff this facility thru an MSP company; ex. ShiftWise, MedAssets. etc.
  • Directions: enter comments or information here related to parking, check-in at start of shift, etc. Any caregivers assigned to work at this facility will see these comments in an automated email notification informing them of their assignment.
  • Placement: facility preference for specific caregivers.
  • Notes
  • Credentials: this list contains types of documents required to work at this facility. You'll also see this list in your Units.
  • GSA Limitation: select a GSA destination and/or county if this is a travel facility.
3. Click Save and Proceed to move to the Corporate/Accounts Payable tab.
4. If the facility's billing/mailing address is different than its physical address, enter that here. If not, click Copy from General Page. 

Name: Pulls from General tab

Address: Enter the bill ing/AP address of this facility, if different than the facility's mailing address. If the address is not different, click Copy from General Page. 

Contact Person: optional

Phone/Fax: optional. Information entered here will display on BlueSky invoicing and/or reports about this facility.

e-Mail/Confirm e-Mail: optional, enter email address only if you plan on using BlueSky for billing. If you use a payroll processor or other system, leave this field blank.

Facility Code: Required if you want to use BSS Default invoice numbering (alphanumeric). Create a unique code or identifier for this facility.

Payroll Code/Payroll Group: optional, usually information required by a payroll processor.

Accts Payable: optional

Use Address on Invoice: select the address that should appear on invoicing for this facility; either the facility's primary address, billing/mailing address, or both.

Send Invoice via e-Mail: optional. Check this box only if you plan to use BlueSky for billing. If you use a payroll processor/other system, do not check this box.

Invoice e-Mail/Confirm Invoice e-Mail: enter email addresses here only if you 1. plan to use BlueSky for billing, 2. checked the Send Invoice via e-Mail box, and 3. understand that email addresses in this field will receive an email notification with an invoice attached as soon as you run invoicing in BlueSky.

Account Manager/Scheduler: click on both drop down menus to assign your company users to this facility. Click Save and Proceed to move to the Contacts tab.

5. Each facility in BlueSky must have one contact. Please enter as many as you wish, but you must have one! Click New to enter a new contact and their name, phone number, and/or email. When finished, click Save and Proceed to move to the Notes tab.

6. The Notes tab looks identical in caregiver and facility profiles; notes entered here are tagged to the facility, not the caregiver.
7. Click on the Contracts tab. Think of this tab as a virtual filing cabinet; a place for you to store contracts/work agreements between your company and this facility.

8. Click on the Shifts tab. Enter start/end times for this facility's 8 hour, 12 hour, and weekend shifts. These times pull to all per diem shifts scheduled at this facility, all shifts pulled from long term per diem and travel contracts, and most importantly, to payroll. All start/end times can be manually over-written during payroll.

# hours beyond the shift for the same rate: use this field for shift differentials. Enter the number of hours before the next shift schedule rate will apply. Example: 6:30am – 14:30pm employee works until 16:30pm – what rate should apply, 1st shift rate or 2nd shift rate.
Weekend: Indicate the start and end time for weekend shifts, if used at this Facility. You can enter different pay and bill rates for weekend shifts in the Scheduling section of your system. Click Save and Proceed to move to the Rates tab.

9. Enter pay and bill rates specific to this facility in the Rates tab. Pay and bill rates entered here will be specific to shift, degree, specialty, or all 3. Follow the steps in this article to enter pay and bill rates:
10. Click on Orientation Rules. You'll enter the number of hours required for orientation at this facility (if any), as well the non-billable/billable hours, here. Click Save and Proceed to move to the Billing Rules tab.

10. Enter details about billing this facility here.

  • Round To/Round Up From: if clock in/out times at this facility are rounded, select the minute in these drop down menus. 
  • Use Region Time Rounding: the number of decimal places after the hour to round time. This is configured in Admin. 
  • Period Type: select weekly, bi-weekly, bi-weekly offset, or monthly.
  • Week Start: select the day the billing week starts at this facility.
  • Week Offset: check if this facility bills bi-weekly, but on the 1st and 3rd week.
  • Ref Type: select P.O. # or DUNS, if applicable.
  • Ref #: enter if applicable.
  • Use Region Invoice Term: check to use one invoice term for all facilities in this region. Uncheck to enter a custom invoice term for this facility.
  • Invoice Term: enter the invoice term specific to this facility.
  • Invoice Type: select BSS Default, Simple Format, or Government.
  • Use Vendor Invoice Statement: check to use an invoice statement for a specific vendor.
  • Invoice statement: enter an invoice statement specific to this facility.
  • Use Region Burden: if checked, the number here is what it costs your company to staff caregivers at all your facilities. If this number should be different per facility, uncheck this box and enter the facility specific number in the Burden field.
  • Timesheets/Other Payments Included in Invoice: define which timesheets and other payments will be included in billing for this facility: only approved by facility, only approved by agency, or both.
  • Timesheets/Other Payments Included in Payroll: definite which timesheets and other payments will be included in payroll for caregivers working at this facility: only approved by agnecy, only approved by facility, or both.
  • Summer/Winter Time Settings: leave as is, unless this facility does not follow Daylight Savings Time.
  • Click Save and Proceed to move to the Overtime, Holiday, and Other tab.
11. Configure pay and bill rules here that apply to ALL work at this facility. ***Rules ARE NOT rates, and vice versa.***

OverTime Settings: Indicate whether OT should be calculated on a weekly or daily basis; if daily, indicate how OT should be calculated for 8 and 12 hour shifts.
Pay Rate/Bill Rate: Select a pay/bill Coeff or Delta. Coeff is 1 = time, 1.5= time and a half, 2= double time. Delta is a flat dollar amount added to the hourly pay/bill rate.
OnCall, Callback, Charge, Pool: Select a pay/bill Coeff or Delta for each type of shift.
Holiday Settings: Select a pay/bill Coeff or Delta for shifts worked on holidays. You can create rules for 8 and 12 hour shifts.
Holidays List: This list is created in Admin > Setup > Holidays. If the Facility honors a specific holiday, uncheck Use System Holidays, click Save, and enter the specific holiday.
Click Save and Proceed to move to the Invoice Setup tab.

12. Invoice Setup: Create a custom invoice template for this facility here, or select from templates created in Admin >  Setup > Invoice Setup.
13. Units: Refer to this post:
14. Invoicing Groups: Click this tab to group Units together in billing, if required by the Facility. When you run billing in your system, these Units will be invoiced separately from your other Facilities.

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