Linking Vendors and Facilities together

If you staff at facilities that are VMS facilities, those facilities and vendors must be linked in BlueSky. Linking facilities and vendors is a two step process, which is outlined below:

Enter the Vendor/VMS company in your system:
1. Click Entries > Vendors.
2. Filter if needed, and click New Vendor.
3. Fill out the appropriate information. Select VMS from the Type drop-down menu.

4. Enter the Address. This can be pulled to the facility profile.
5. Enter the Fee the vendor charges for staffing in its facilities.
6. If the Vendor requires particular language on its billing, enter that in the Invoice Statement field.
7. Click Save.

Link the vendor to its facilities:
1. Click Entries > Facilities.
2. Filter to a Region.
3. Click on a Facility name.
4. Select the Vendor from the Master Vendor drop-down menu:

5. Click Save.

Note: You can search for Facilities by Master Vendor in the main Facilities grid.

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