How do I enter Units in my Facilities?

Entering Units in your Facilities is CRITICAL to ensuring that your system functions correctly. Picture one of your Facilities, and think of all the areas you staff in that Facility or the types of Caregivers you staff in that Facility. The areas you staff OR the types of Caregivers you staff will be the Units you enter in your system.

To enter Units in a Facility profile:

1. Click Entries > Facilities.

2. Filter to one of your Regions.

3. Right-click on a Facility name and jump to the Units tab.

4. Click New Unit.

4. Fill in the appropriate information. Many fields will automatically populate with some of the Facility defaults. Change those fields as needed. You must select a Default Degree and Specialty for the unit. Once you have finished, click "Save and Proceed."

Unit ID: Number created by your system for this Unit. BlueSky Support and QA teams use this number.

Unit Name: Enter the unit name. Names can be as formal as Labor & Delivery, Post-Op, or ICU; or as simple as RN-Med/Surg, RN-ICU, LPN-Nursing Home.

Status: Select Active or Inactive.

Cost Center: Used with payroll imports/exports and our QuickBooks plugin; the Cost Center notes lines of revenue.

Accts Payable: Enter the name the Accounts Payable contact for this Unit, if different than the AP contact for the Facility.

Facility: Defaults to the name of the Facility.

Worker's Comp Code: If you want to track Worker's Comp expenses related to work in this unit, enter the code here.

Unit Description: Optional field.

Number of beds: Optional field, information entered here is informational and will not impact work scheduled in this Facility.

Nurse/Patient ratio: Optional field, information entered here is informational and will not impact work scheduled in this Facility.

Address: Enter the address of the Unit, if different from the Facility.

Directions: Enter any information about getting to the Unit here; parking instructions, check-in information, public transit information, etc. If you use BlueSky email notifications, any Caregivers scheduled to work in this Unit will see these directions in the email notifying them about their assignment.

Credentials: Use these boxes to pull in any Credentials specific to this Unit.

Degree: Assign a default Degree to this Unit.

Specialty: Assign a default Specialty to this Unit.

Click Save and Proceed.

5. The next screen you'll see is the Contacts screen. Enter Unit contacts here, if they differ from your Facility contacts.

6. The next page you'll see is the Notes page. Enter notes about this Unit here.

7. Click on Shifts in the left side menu. If Shifts in this Unit differ from Shifts in the Facility, uncheck Use Facility Settings and enter 8h, 12h,and/or Weekend shift start and end times. Click Save and Proceed when finished.

8. The next page is Rates. If the Unit has different pay/bill rates than the Facility, enter them here. 

9. Click on Unit Calendar in the left side menu; you'll see all work (past, current, and future) scheduled in this Unit. DO NOT schedule shifts from this calendar.

10. Click Orientation Rules in the left side menu. If this Unit has an orientation period, enter that information here. If you pay/bill differently for Orientation hours, enter those rates in the Rates page.

11. Click Ledger in the left side menu. The ledger works like a check stub for the later Unit, and displays worked shifts/hours and pay information.

12. Repeat for each unit you will staff in this facility.

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