Entering Units in Facilities

Entering Units in your Facilities is CRITICAL to ensuring that your system functions correctly. The Scheduling, Payroll, and Invoicing sections of your system pull information entered in the Units.

The facilities you staff may have defined units: OR, Labor & Delivery, ICU, etc. If you're unsure of how to define units, picture one of your facilities, and think of all the areas you staff or the different types of caregivers you staff in that facility. The areas or the types of caregivers will be your units.

To enter Units in a Facility profile:

1. Click Entries > Facilities > filter to a Region.

2. Right-click on a Facility name and click on the Units tab.

3. Click New Unit.

4. Enter applicable information about the unit. Unit Name is a required field, as is Status, Default Degree, and Default Specialty. Note that other fields, like Address and Credentials, pull information from the Facility profile. When you have finished entering information on this screen, click Save and Proceed.

  • Unit ID: number created by BlueSky after you edit this screen and click Save/Save and Proceed.
  • Unit Name: this is a required field; enter the name of the unit.
  • Status: this is a required field; select Active (you are actively scheduling in this unit) or Inactive.
  • Cost Center: if you use our QuickBooks plugin for invoicing, you'll enter a code/identifier for the unit in this field.
  • Accts Payable: enter the name of the AP contact in this unit, if applicable.
  • Facility: this field defaults to the name of the facility.
  • Worker's Comp Code: enter the worker's comp code, if you want to track hours in this unit for reporting purposes.
  • Unit Description: enter a description of the unit.
  • Number of Beds: enter the number of beds in the unit.
  • Nurse/Patient ratio: enter the nurse/patient ratio as a fraction.
  • Address: this pulls from the Facility address field, change if necessary.
  • Directions: enter parking, check-in, or other information caregivers working in this unit may need to know.
  • Credentials: if there are specific docs or credentials required to work in this unit, uncheck Use Facility Settings and select the docs from the list.
  • Default Degree: select the default degree (degree = general type of caregiver) for the unit.
  • Default Specialty: select the default specialty (specialty = type of job or work) for the unit.

5. The next tab in the Unit profile is Contacts. Unless you have specified a default Unit contact at the Facility level, click New and enter contacts for the Unit.

6. Click on the Notes tab. Enter notes about the Unit here. ***Notes can only be seen by internal company users.***

7. Click on the Shifts tab. If Shift start/end times in the Unit differ from those of the Facility, enter those start/end times here.

8. Click on the Rates tab. If the Unit has different pay/bill rates than the Facility, enter them here. 

9. Click on the Unit Calendar tab. You'll see all work, past and future, scheduled in the Unit.

10. Click on the Orientation Rules tab. If the Unit has an orientation period, or orientation different from that of the Facility, uncheck Use Facility Settings and enter the rules. Click Save and Proceed.

11. Click on the Ledger tab. The ledger works like a check stub for the Unit, and displays worked shifts/hours and pay information.

12. Repeat for each unit you will staff in this Facility.

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