How do I create a Margin Calculator?

There are 2 ways to create a margin calc in BlueSky:

  • Creating a margin calc inside of a travel need (you don't know the caregiver who'll work the need, but you do know expenses).
  • Creating a margin calc outside of the need (you know the caregiver who'll be working the assignment) and linking it to either a need or a contract.

Inside a Travel Need: 

  • Most common way to create a margin calc.
  • Click Scheduling - Travel Needs. Filter to the correct region and click New Need.
  • Enter details about the need (facility, unit, number of weeks, etc.).
  • Click Save or Save and Proceed.
  • Click on the Margin Calculators tab in the left side menu.
  • Click Create a New MC. You can create from already existing template if you wish.
  • The next screen you'll see is a partially created MC:

What do all these fields mean and do? Click on this link for a thorough step by step description:

  • Check working days. If you don't know the caregiver's schedule, you'll want to keep the week 7 days long. If you do know the schedule, select those days as working days. 
  • Check or enter pay and bill rates.
  • Enter your expenses (stipends, other payments, charges).
  • Click Save.
  • Click this icon to send the margin calc to the Finance Manager (email address in Admin - Setup - Company Setup - Region - Email Preferences) for approval: 
  • Assign or Submit a caregiver to work this need.

Outside of a Travel Need:

  • Atypical way to create an MC. You would do this if a specific caregiver gets specific other payments OR you have a contract with a facility that outlines specific other payments and amounts.
  • Click Scheduling - Margin Calculators - Filter - New MC.

  • The next screen you'll see is a completely blank margin calc. 
  • If the calc is specific to a caregiver, select the caregiver.
  • If specific to a facility and/or unit, selct the facility.
  • Enter pay and bill rates.
  • Enter expenses. 
  • Click Save.
  • Send for approval if needed.
  • When there is a need entered in your system that matches this margin calc, click on this icon to link your MC to the travel need: 
  • Click Save.

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