Scheduling Contracts

Contracts, in Scheduling > Contracts, are used to track long term per diem and travel assignments in your system. You can enter existing contracts or create new contracts here. Typically, only per diem contracts are manually entered here; once a travel need is entered and a caregiver assigned, BlueSky automatically creates a contract that is housed in this section. To manually enter a contract, follow the steps below:

1. Click Scheduling > Contracts.
2. Filter to the correct region and click New in the bottom left corner.
3. Enter the details about this contract (caregiver, facility, unit, start/end dates, etc.).

4. Click Save and Proceed or Save.
5. If applicable, click the Margin Calculator tab to enter pay/bill rates and expenses related to this contract. This article will walk you through creating a margin calc:

Contracts are also created when a Caregiver is assigned to a Travel Need:
1. Click Scheduling > Travel Needs.
2. Filter to the correct region and click New Need in the bottom left corner:

3. Enter details about the Travel Need:
  • Select a Facility.
  • select a Unit. The Unit Contact, Contact Info, Degree, Specialty, Account Manager, and Recruiter fields should automatically populate when you select a unit. If these fields do not populate, go back to Entries > Facilities and add this information to the Facility profile.
  • Show on Website: if you have a jobs board on your company website and want this order to be posted there, check this box.
  • Check if starts ASAP: if the Need starts ASAP, check this box. The current day's date will automatically populate in the Start Date field. It will match the Date Created in the upper left corner.
  • Enter the length of the need in # of Weeks.
  • Enter the number of needs at this Facility in # of Needs.
  • Gross Margin: this is the profit you want to achieve on this need. Note that this field is for informational purposes only.
  • # of Assigned: The number in this field will be 0 (zero) until a caregiver is assigned to the need.
  • Need Location: the region you filtered to after clicking Scheduling > Travel Needs. Do not change this field.
  • Job Description: this field is optional; enter any additional information about this need here.
  • Desired Shift: this field is required. Enter as much information as you know about the shift type associated with this need.
  • Unit Description: this field is optional; enter additional information about the unit here.
  • Pay Detail: this field is optional; enter information about pay and stipends here.
  • Click Save and proceed. ***If you want to post this need to FaceBook or Twitter, click Save. Those icons will appear in the upper left corner of your screen. This requires the use of our free FaceBook and Twitter integrations.***
4. The next screen you'll see is the Candidates/Assigned grid. Any caregivers that match the details of the need (Degree, Specialty, Availability, and Preferred States) will be listed in this grid in alphabetical order by last name.
5. You can assign a caregiver in this list to this need by checking the Assign checkbox to the left of the caregiver's name. Then click Save. A contract will automatically be created when you click Save; you can view this contract by clicking Scheduling > Contracts. ***A contract is also created when a submitted caregiver has been accepted by the facility. Submitting a caregiver to a travel need is outlined in this article:
6. If applicable, click the Margin Calculators tab and enter pay/bill rates and expenses associated with this need.

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