Scheduled Other Payments

Scheduled Other Payments are payments or charges that need to processed over time, on specific dates. A completion bonus, for example, that you pay out at the end of a caregiver's contract is a Scheduled Other Payment.

To enter a Scheduled Other Payment:

1. Click Scheduling > Scheduled Other Payments.

2. Click New. 

3. Enter information about this payment: 
- Choose the Start and End dates for this payment. 
- Select the Frequency of this payment (Daily, Weekly, Etc).
- Once frequency is selected, the Payment Dates will automatically populate. Click on the calendar icon to change the dates if needed.
- Select the Caregiver, Facility, and Unit.
- Select the Payment Type. Enter the amount or rate if needed.

4. When you've finished entering information about this payment, click Save.

Pull the Scheduled Other Payment into Payroll:
1. Click Payroll > Employees Other Payments OR Payroll > SC Bonuses
2. Click on the Calculate Auto Other Payments icon, the moneybag.
3. You will then see a list of Other Payments for the payweek. Check the Approved checkbox for the Other Payment, then click OK.
4. Click Pay Employees and finish processing payroll.

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