How can I create a standard Facility Invoice?

BlueSky has a standard invoice template that is used by default. If you would like to edit how a Facility invoice looks, you can absolutely do this in your system.

The first thing we need to do is create a template in the admin portion of BSS. This setup can then be pulled into any or all Facilities in your system. To do this:

1. Admin - Setup - Invoice Template

2. Filter for the appropriate Facility (Region, VMS, etc).

3. Click into Invoice Setup

4. Click New

- This is the standard template that BSS works with.

5. Create a new Invoice Setup Name by changing each of the appropriate boxes to your liking.

The next steps will be to assign this setup for a particular Facility. To do this:

1. Click Entries - Facilities

2. Filter for the specific Facility you would like to edit.

3. Click Invoice Setup from within that Facility

4. Select the appropriate "Invoice Setup" name from the dropdown (see below) and the parameters will now change to that setup. .

5. Click Save.

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