Creating Company Users

Company users are your staff; the people at your staffing agency who credential, place, pay, and bill your caregivers and clients. Anyone at your agency working in BlueSky is considered a user seat, and you will be billed monthly for each user seat (each user seat that logs into your BlueSky system).

Create a Company User:

1. Click Entries > Company Users.

2. Filter to the appropriate Region, if applicable.

3. Click New Company User.

4. Add the appropriate information for the new User:

  • Region: this company user will only be able to work in the Nashville region.
  • User Type: this determines what this company user can access in the Nashville region.
  • Status: if this user should be logging in and working in BlueSky, select Active. If the user leaves your company or should not be logging into your system, select Inactive.
  • Enter other information; such as Address and Phone(s) as applicable.

5. Click Save.

6. Click the blue User Id/Password button:

  • Enter a User ID and password for this company user.
  • Again, if this user should be allowed to login and work in your BlueSky system, check Login Allowed.
  • Click OK.
7. Click Save.

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