Creating a Company User

"I need to add a Company User. How do I do this?"

To add a New User:

1. Click Entries - Company Users

2. Filter to the appropriate Region, if applicable (using the magnifying glass).

3. Click New Company User (pictured below)

4. Add the appropriate information for the new User (see below picture)

    - Make sure their status is Active. 

    - Choose the User Type. Most systems are Company User or System Admin. 

    - If you need additional User Groups, please contact support. The User Groups are separated by Permissions. 

5. Click Save.

6. Click the User Id/Password button 

7. A popup will appear with the ability to set the User Id and Password. Set these and assign the user to the correct User Group.

8. Be sure to click Login Allowed. This is what gives your User access to the system, as well as what lets the system know to bill for this user seat.

9. When this is complete, click OK and Save.

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