User Groups and Permissions

"I am trying to make sure my recruiters and my accounting team have different permissions levels. What are User Groups, and how do I know what permissions each User Group has?"

BlueSky has a very robust Permissions section. You can create User Groups that reflect your staff; Accounting, Recruiting, Marketing, etc., and give each of these groups different levels of access to your BlueSky system. You can even give different people within these groups different levels of access.

***Permissions are set and controlled by your System Administrator(s). BlueSky support staff WILL NOT change permissions requested by a Company User unless we receive an okay from a System Administrator.***

To see existing User Groups:

1. Click Admin > Permissions > User Groups. You will see a list of default user groups included in your system. You can edit any name on this list by clicking on the name, typing what you want in the field, and clicking OK. You can also add a new user group by clicking "New User Group" in the bottom left corner.

The portal column refers to the different portals/what your user groups see when they log into BlueSky. Caregivers logging in will see the Caregiver portal, which is very different from the Company portal (what you and your staff see).

To see existing Permissions for your User Groups:

1. Click Admin > Permissions > Permissions (third item in the list in the left side menu). A pop-up box appears, with options for your Company or Region level and all of your user groups. Filter to the Region and User Group you want to see, then click OK.

To change Permissions for User Groups:

3. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • To change permissions for ALL users in your system, leave your Region set to your Company Level and the User Group set to System Administrator.
  • To change permissions for a specific user group, leave your Region set to your Company Level and the User Group set to whatever group you want to work with.
  • To change permissions for users in a specific region, select the Region you want to work with and the User Group.
  • You can have Company level System Administrators and Region level System Administrators.
  • You MUST click SAVE, then LOG OUT, and LOG BACK IN to your BlueSky system for any changes to permissions to take effect.
Once you have selected Region and User Group, you will see a permission tree, like the one below:

This permission tree is for system administrators. System admins can see and access almost every section of your system. To expand any section of the tree, click the + next to the section name.

In the image above, I clicked on the + next to Entries, which expanded the section. To keep expanding sub-sections, keep clicking the +. Once you have expanded the section and sub-sections, you will be able to give permission to or take permission away from certain items. Click on the name of the item/section you wish to change permissions for:

You will see these four choices: Not Accessible, Read Only, Partial Rights, Full Rights. Click OK after making changes.

Keep in mind:

  • If you select Full Rights for any of the main sections, all of the sub-sections will be Full Rights as well. If you select Partial Access, then you have the ability to set different permissions in the sub-sections.

***Before giving any user (caregiver, company, facility, etc.) access to your system, go to Admin > Permissions > Permissions and check what they can see and access in your system.***

***SYSTEM ADMINS: DO NOT turn off the Admin section of your system for all users. You will turn it off for yourself as well, and you must contact BlueSky support to have it restored. Restoration can take anywhere froom an hour to overnight.***

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