How do I show my Unit Address on my invoices?

BlueSky has the ability to include Unit addresses when generating invoices. We do this in the Facility "Invoice Group"

1. Click Entries - Facilities

2. Filter to the appropriate Facility. Choose the Facility by directly clicking on the Facility name.

3. Click Invoicing Groups - New

4. Name Your Group, and click Save New Group

5. Click on the New icon, and a popup will allow you to check the Units that need to be included in this Group.

6. Click OK

7. Add in the Group Contact Information and Address

8. Click OK

-Upon running an invoice for this particular Facility (and Group), the address that was set up for that Invoice Group will now be pulled on that particular invoice.

** It is important to note that you will need to create a Invoice Group for each Unit that needs its own address. **

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