Margin Summary

"How is Total Margin calculated in my Margin Calculator?"

Margin Summary:

The Margin Summary is made up of the total expenses that are either pre-populated (from BSS) or added in your Margin Calculator.

You can select the Sum Group from the drop down in the Expenses Section

You can add Sum Groups in Admin/Setup/System List/Margin Calculator Payment Group

BlueSky will automatically add State tax and GSA limits when creating a Travel Need.  BlueSky manages these numbers internally. (Admin - Setup - GSA Limits).

County tax can also be calculated, however, that has to be managed on the user's end (Admin - Setup - Counties - Click into the appropriate county - Add the appropriate Sales Tax.)

Workers Comp is also calculated in BSS, however we default this as 1%.

- This can be edited in Admin - Setup - Payment Types - Workers Comp, according to the specific job you are staffing.

Master Vendor Fees (If Applicable) can also be calculated into a margin calculator. This process involves some additional configuring.

- You can see this Payment Type in Admin - Setup - Payment Types - Master Vendor (% of Bill). This is set up through the actual vendor itself and will flow through the Facilities that are linked to that master vendor (see next bullet).

- The Vendor Fee is set up within the specific Vendor you need to assign it too. (Entries - Vendors - Select Vendor - Fee - Add percentage or dollar amount). As previously mentioned this "Fee" will flow through each Facility that is linked to that VMS.

Any additional Expense can be added to your system and pulled into the margin calculator. These are added in Admin - Setup - Payment Types.

These "Payment Types" can be configured in a number of ways (charge/payment/taxable/etc).

Once you have all of your payment types added into your BlueSky system, you can add those expenses into your margin calculator to properly calculate the margin for specific assignments.

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