Create Travel Needs Using Submissions and Margin Calculator

"How do I create a Travel Need utilizing Submissions and Margin Calculators?"

Below are the steps in creating a Travel Need in BlueSky. Depending on how the agency does business, there are 2 ways this can be done. Some companies Submit caregivers first and others create a MC first and then submit caregivers. Below describes both processes.

Submission First:

1. Create the Travel Need/Assignment (Click Scheduling - Travel Needs - New Need). Click Save.

2. Click “Candidates/Assigned. This shows the list of Caregivers who best fit the job. Click the Subs (plus symbol) to submit a particular Caregiver.

3. Choose the appropriate Caregiver (if not already populated), along with the Recruiter/Account Manager. Now, choose who you will send the submission to (Facility contact or Account Manager).

** This can be permission based to default to one or another **

4. Click the PDF profile icon at the top of the page. Choose your profile template or check the boxes you wish to “show” on this profile. Once completed, you will see the email template as well as the actual pdf profile.

5. Send the document to the appropriate person.

6. At this point, you have submitted the Caregiver (note the change in the Submit Processing list), and will await a response from the Facility. In the meantime you can create a Margin Calculator to check your margins for this job (Click the WORD Margin Calculator in the left side menu - not the green calculator icon).

7. Click New MC, and notice that the General Info for this Need is pre-populated (start date, working days, etc.).  Click the calendar icon to specify certain days (not working), if applicable.

8. Fill out appropriate boxes including Caregiver name/any additional expenses, shift type and shift times (if needed).

9. Assign your rates by clicking the money symbol next to Pay Rate. This box will now show you the hours for this job and the rates. Click Lookup Default or New depending on the rates associated for this Need. If a new rate: create that new rate. If Lookup Default: click the money symbol and Assign All if the rates are correct. Click Ok.

10. You will now see the Margin Summary populate. This takes into account the taxes, expenses, GSA limits, Workers Comp, etc. Click Save for this margin calculator. Click Save.

11. At this time you have 2 options: Approve the MC yourself, or send it off for approval. Approval goes to the Finance Manager email in Admin - Company Setup. Reference the mail icon in order to send the approval via email.

- At this time we are awaiting a response from the Facility on whether they accept the caregiver or not.

- Proceed through the submission process, as needed (interview, accept, cancel, etc).

12. Once the Facility accepts, click the accepted checkbox, and click Save (notice the prompt that will come up). CG assigned, contract created, do you want to link margin calc. Click Ok.

13. Link the appropriate margin calculator (the one we just created) by clicking Link next to the appropriate margin calculator.

14. Now we need to link the MC to the Contract that was created. Click back into the MC.

- Reference the icons at the top of the page. Click “Link this MC to Contract”. Remember that the contract was already created based on the MC that was approved. You can review the contract first by clicking into Scheduling Contracts.

- At this time the CG is now assigned to this job. You can reference the MC for this CG, the Contract, as well as the Submissions by clicking on those headings under Scheduling.

Margin Calculator First:

- Create the Travel Need/Assignment (Scheduling - Travel Needs).

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