Creating Travel Needs with Margin Calculators and Submissions

First, enter a Travel Need in BlueSky. This article will walk you through that process:

Creating a margin calculator for a Travel Need can be done 2 different ways, depending on your company workflow: 1. creating an MC with the Need, or 2. creating an MC for a caregiver and then submitting that caregiver to the Travel Need. Both processes are described below.

1. Create an MC with the Travel Need: 

a. Enter a Travel Need in BlueSky, and click Save. Then click on the Margin Calculators tab.

b. Click New MC. You'll see an empty margin calculator:

Enter details about pay, bill, and stipends into the margin calculator. You'll notice that as you enter rates and other payments, the Gross Profit and Gross Margin in the Summary section will update. A margin calculator does just that: calculates your margin, or profit, on a travel assignment based on the pay rates, bill rates, and other payment information you enter. This article covers the fields in an MC in depth:

2. Create an MC for a caregiver and submit that caregiver:

a. Enter a Travel Need, and then click the Candidates/Assigned tab. You'll see a list of your caregivers who match this Travel Need. We're going to create an MC for Sam Iams and submit Sam.

b. Click on Scheduling > Margin Calculators:

c. Click New MC:

  • Select the Facility, Caregiver, Degree, Specialty, and Shift Type in the Job section.
  • Enter the Start and End Dates of the Travel Need. The Weeks field will automatically populate.
  • Enter the number of Days in week that you expect the caregiver to work. The Calendar Days, Non-work days, and Working days fields will automatically populate as you do this.
  • Enter the number of Per week hours you expect the caregiver to work. The Scheduled Hours, Payable Hours, and Billable Hours fields will automatically populate as you do this.
  • If applicable, enter the number of Guaranteed hours. 
  • Enter the number of Per day hours you expect the caregiver to work.
  • If applicable, click on Select Vacation/Non-Work Dates and enter any scheduled time off or non-working days. 
  • Skip the Summary section for now, move to the Hours/Rates section.
  • Click on the $ (dollar sign) in the Hours/Rates section to pull in any default rates; rates will be pulled from either the caregiver's profile, the unit profile, or the facility profile. If the pay rate is negotiated along with other payments and stipends, enter the base pay rate in the Pay Rate field. If the pay rate is same for weekend shifts, enter the same rate in the WE Pay Rate field. If there is a different pay rate for weekend shifts, enter that instead.
  • If you know the bill rate, enter that in the Bill Rate field. If there is a different bill rate for weekend shifts, enter that in the WE Bill Rate field. If there is no difference, enter the bill rate again.
  • Click Add to any rates for OT (if the rates are specific to the job), CallBack, or OnCall rates.
  • You'll notice that as you enter pay and bill rates, the Summary section updates.
  • Move to the Expenses section. This is where you'll pull in other payments such as a lodging stipend, M & E, or insurance.
  • To pull in a payment, click the blue Add button. Click on the name of the payment type to pull it into the MC.
  • You'll notice that as you enter other payments, the Summary section will update.
  • When you've finished entering other payments, you can send the MC for approval. To do this, click Save and Proceed. 
d. Go back to the Candidates/Assigned tab of the Travel Need.

  • Click on the + (plus sign) in the Subs column. You'll see this screen:

  • You'll do two things on this screen; create a submission profile for your caregiver and then submit that profile.
  • First, determine who this profile will be sent to. Select either Account Manager or Facility Contact.
  • You can also select a profile template. Click on the e-Mail Template drop down menu and select either Send submission to facility or Email With Logo.
  • Make sure a Recruiter is selected!
  • Click on the Send Caregiver profile icon, ,  to create a caregiver profile:

  • You can select what information should be included in the profile by checking the Report and Uploaded file boxes. Report will pull information about a caregiver into the profile, Uploaded file will include copies of any uploaded documents in the caregiver's profile. 
  • When you have finished selecting information, click Create Profile. You'll see this popup:

  • Click OK.
  • When BlueSky has finished pulling information, you'll see this popup:

  • Click View Email. You'll see the email and the caregiver profile:

  • Click Send.
  • In this example, we chose to send the profile to the Account Manager. You'll notice that the Create and Send Profile to AM box is checked in the Submit Processing section:

  • If the Account Manager decides to submit this caregiver to the facility, the Submit box will be checked. 
  • You can then track the progress of this submission; Interview, Offer Pending, Accept, etc., by coming back to this Travel Need and clicking the Submissions tab.

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