Overtime Pay/Bill Settings

When entered in a Facility profile, BlueSky uses OT pay/bill settings to automatically calculate pay and bill rates when processing timesheets and invoicing.

To enter OT pay/bill rules:
1. Click Entries > Facilities > filter to a Region and/or specific Facility.
2.Click on the name of the Facility, then click on the Overtime, Holiday, and Other tab:

3. Any hours worked over 40 hours per week is considered OT. Check Weekly/Bi-Weekly OT Calculation to setup a coefficient or a delta.

  • Coeff: you pay/bill the regular pay/bill rate, times itself, time and a half, or double-time for anything over 40 hours. Check Pay Coeff and Bill Coeff, and enter 1.00, 1.50, or 2.00.
  • Delta: you pay/bill a flat amount on top of the regular pay/bill rate. Check Pay Delta and Bill Delta, and enter the dollar amount.
4. If you pay daily OT, refer to this article for setting up daily OT and how BlueSky calculates daily and weekly OT: https://blueskymss.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/489357-daily-and-weekly-ot-logic

5. This is also where you'll enter pay/bill rules for holiday shifts, which will apply to all shifts worked at this facility on the dates/days in the Holiday List.

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