How do I use You Sign Here (YSH)?

You Sign Here is an application that allows you to electronically fill out and sign any and all document types. Below are the instructions on how to create that account and utilize this integration in BlueSky.

** For detailed instructions on creating and editing documents please reference the blue question mark in your YouSignHere account (seen below) **

1. The first thing you need to do is create an account. This can be done for FREE* at Once created open up and log into BlueSky.

2. Click to Admin - Integrated Systems - YSH Users - Click New. Choose the User Group of your BlueSky account and then choose your name as the User. Click Login to YSH and log in using your credentials you just created. This is how you link your newly created YSH account with your BSS account. Click OK and you will now see your name linking BSS and YSH.

3. Next you need to click back over to YSH. This is where you will edit your settings as well as "design" your documents.

4. Click on Library. This is where your documents will be housed. Click Upload Document to upload the document you want to use.

*Remember: YSH is how you "Design" your document. You must already have your document created in order to "Design" it.

5. Once uploaded you can simply click on the name of the document to open up the "design" view.

6. This is the area where you will design your document. The basic functionality is drag and drop. For advanced functionality and usage of YSH reference the blue question mark as previously mentioned.

7. Once a document has been created and saved and is "Ready", the next step is to upload that document into BlueSky. This can be done in 2 different ways.

A: Replacing either the DISCLAIMER or CONTRACT (Facility or Caregiver) already being used in BlueSky.

B: Setting up a new Required Doc and using this document as a Required Doc in BlueSky.


1: In BlueSky go to Admin - Integrated Systems - YSH Documents. This step involves assigning this new disclaimer or contract as your new document in BlueSky (replaced your current disclaimer or contract).

2: Click New. When replacing a Disclaimer or Contract you will click the "Other Documents" button.

3: Click the dropdown and select the appropriate document.

4: Click Add Document and choose the appropriate document that you created in YSH. Click Ok and you have now replaced the BlueSky document with the appropriate YSH document.

 5: Now when a caregiver goes through the application process and gets to the Disclaimer (for example) they will now have to complete your document as opposed to the original BlueSky Disclaimer.

** When replacing a Contract in BSS you will need to already have the contract created in BSS and then can use your document to pre-populate the contract information based on the data in BlueSky. For more information on pulling data from BlueSky reference the blue question mark in your YSH application or email .


1: In BSS go to Admin - Setup - Required Docs - Click New - Create a name for the document you are creating. For this example I will use the Consent Form - Choose the "Type" of Req'd Doc this will be housed in - Choose the appropriate criteria as you wish and click OK. You have now created the place where this YSH document will be housed.

2: Click Admin - Integrated Systems - YSH Documents - Click New - This time click the Req. Documents dropdown - You should now see the document that you have just created in BSS - Choose that document and click Add Document - Choose the appropriate YSH document - Click OK.

3: You have now set up the link between your YSH document and the Req'd Docs field in BSS.

4: To send that document to a caregiver the next step will be to go into Entries - Caregivers - Click the appropriate caregiver - Click the appropriate Required Doc Tab that you assigned that document too - Select the "Send Request" box to choose that document.

5: Click the Blue YSH Icon at the top of the page to prepare that document. The name of the caregiver will be shown along with the email housed in BSS. For advanced functionality from this "send" screen please reference the blue question mark in your YSH application. Click Send when ready.


6: Once sent, the document will be emailed to the caregiver for completion. Once completed the signed document will automatically upload back into BlueSky in the Req'd Document that it is housed. 

*** Note: If a Read-Receipt is checked, this flags the email for a read-receipt. It is important to note that this function relies on 2 things:

1. The mail protocol that the caregiver is using (most web mail platforms do not accept read-receipts.

2. The caregiver has complete control whether the receipt is sent back to the sender or not. The below pic is what the caregiver will receive.

Please email for more details and pricing. 

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