How does the MailChimp integration work?

If you want to send crisp, colorful, and professional marketing emails to your caregivers, then our MailChimp integration is a great tool for you! And it’s free! 

This article addresses how to set up our MailChimp integration, please refer to How do I send a MailChimp Campaign? for instructions on sending a campaign to your caregivers. 

Before setting up the integration in your BlueSky system, you’ll need to do a few things in MailChimp:

  • Create a MailChimp account if you do not have one already:
  • Get your API key from MailChimp. Click on your avatar in MailChimp, then click Extras, then API keys. Click the Create Key button to create an API key.
  • Create Lists in MailChimp, but don’t add any names to it. You’ll do this in BlueSky!
  • Create templates for campaigns in MailChimp (more about this in Sending a MailChimp campaign).

Once you’ve taken care of those 4 items, log into your BlueSky system. Follow the instructions outlined below:

1.      Turn on MailChimp in Admin > Permissions

  • Go to Admin > Permissions > Permissions
  • You can work on your company level as a system admin, just keep in mind that any changes you make impact ALL of your company users.
  • Or you can filter to a Region and a specific user group:

  • A permission tree will appear on your screen. You're going to change permissions in two places: Admin > Integrated Systems and Entries > Caregivers
  • Click the + sign next to Admin, the + sign next to Integrated Systems, the + sign next to Tabsets, and finally, the + sign next to MailChimp:

  • Click on the word MailChimp; the Permission should be set to Full Rights:

  • If not, change the Permission to Full Rights and click OK.
  • In the permission tree, click the + sign next to Entries, the + sign next to Caregivers, the + sign next to Caregivers again, the + sign next to Tabsets, the + sign next to General, the + sign next to Sections, and scroll to the bottom of the list:

  • Click on Add to MailChimp list button and Send MailChimp campaign; permissions for both should be set to Full Rights. If not, change the Permission and click OK.
  • Don't forget to click SaveLOG OUT OF BLUESKY, and LOG BACK IN!

2.      Link your lists, create segments, and add caregivers to your lists:

  • Click Admin > Setup > Integrated Systems > MailChimp:

  • Copy and paste your API key from MailChimp:

  • Click Save.
  • Click on Lists. You should see a table with the names of lists you created in MailChimp:

  • Click on the name of one of your lists and create Segments by using these icons:

  • Segments allow you narrow down your list to specific groups of caregivers; ex. All RNs > RN Med/Surg
  • Segments also track any Opt Out or Unsubscribe clicks

 Add caregivers to your lists:

  • Click Entries > Caregivers > filter to a region and/or degree and specialty
  • You should see 3 icons at the top of your caregiver grid: 
  • The very last column on your caregiver grid should read Mass Email:

  • Click on the words Mass Email to select all caregivers in your grid who have an email address in your BlueSky system.
  • Then, click the Add to MailChimp List icon: 
  • Select one of your Lists and/or Segments and click OK:
  • To confirm that caregivers have been added, go to Admin > Integrated Systems > MailChimp and click on Lists.
  • Click on the name of a list, and you’ll see a list of all caregivers subscribed to that list:


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