How do my caregivers upload timesheets through the app?

One of the best features of our mobile app is that your caregivers can take a picture of their timesheets and upload those timesheets into your BlueSky system. This means less paper for you and your payroll team!

In the app, after caregivers have clocked in and out of their shifts, they have the option to Attach a timesheet:

1. Click on My Schedule to see their work schedule.

2. Click on the shift or travel need to which they want to attach a timesheet.

3. Click the Attach button. This opens the phone's camera to take a picture of the timesheet.

4: Caregivers can re-take pictures of their timesheets if the image quality is poor or skewed.

5: Your caregivers will click Attach again, and then Submit to send both the time and the image to your system.

6: You'll see the time when you are ready to process payroll in Payroll - Employees Timesheets and are pulling in timesheets for the week.

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