Entering, filtering, and managing caregiver Notes

Notes can be added in many areas of BlueSky. To start this process,  you will need to make sure you have the Note Type you are trying to use in the Admin - Setup - Note Types section of BlueSky.

 Adding a note in the Caregiver section

1. Click Entries - Caregivers.

2. Filter to the appropriate Caregiver (using the magnifying glass).

3. Select the Caregiver by directly clicking on the name.

4. Click on the Notes tab on the left side of the screen.

5. Click New.

6. Fill out the appropriate fields using the Type that are established in the Note Type section I referenced earlier.

7. This is where you can set up a Reminder that will show up on the main screen of BlueSky. Do this by choosing the date and time, then clicking the Reminder box.

8. You can then choose who you want to see the Notes you are creating by Facility, Unit, Contact, SC- Company (if applicable) and Company User.

9. If you are using the Outlook integration, you can send this note to Outlook by clicking the "Send to Outlook" button.

10. Click OK, and your note will be created as seen below:

Filter by the date of last Note

  • Caregiver Grid column "Note" changed to "Last Note". It shows the date of last Note (or call/sms if configured). The date is also a hyperlink, it allows to jump inside the Notes grid.

                                             IMPORTANT:  1. Auto-generated notes are not included.

                                                                     2. Only "primary" Caregiver notes are included (not notes created as "Show Note For").

                                                                     3. Reminders are not included.

  • You can sort by Last Note date (rows with no Notes are not sorted)

Different types of Notes (Note, Email, Call - if configured) are shown in different colors. Mouse-over shows type and Note text.

The system allows the following settings on background:

1. Include Note in LastNote
             a. All Note type (DEFASULT)

             b. provided NoteTypes - in this case only these types will be included in Last Note

2. Include Email in LastNote:
               a. do not include emails (DEFAULT) 

               b. include all emails (mass and auto-generated)

               c. include email except mass emails

               d. include emails except auto-generated

 3. Include Calls/SMS In LastNote

               a. do not include (DEFAULT)

               b. include all Calls/sms (mass and auto)

               c. include Calls/sms except mass

               d. include Calls/sms except auto

4. Include Notes from Caregiver Import

               a. do not include (DEFAULT) or include


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