Filtering and managing Caregiver Notes

Notes in BlueSky are a useful tool for capturing data and information on your Caregivers, Facilities, and Scheduling. Once Notes have been entered, you can filter for and report on specific types of Notes. 

Filter for a specific Note Type:

1. In a Caregiver profile, click on the Notes tab:

2. Click on the filter:

3. Click on the Note Type drop down menu to select a specific Note Type.

  • You can also filter for specific dates by entering a date range in the From and To fields.
  • If you use our Outlook integration and want to filter for any emails about the Note Type or Caregiver, check the box next to Include emails and calls. This also applies for our mass calling and texting integration.
  • Even if you have not entered any Notes in this Caregiver's profile, your BlueSky system creates Notes when this Caregiver is assigned to a need or changes data in their profile. Automatic email notifications are also considered system notes. If you want to see these notes, check the box next to Exclude Auto-Generated Notes.
4. Click OK.

See the date of the last Note entered in a Caregiver profile in the Caregivers grid:

1. Click Entries > Caregivers > Filter to a Region. 
2. Look for the Last Note column:

  • Auto-Generated Notes (system notes) are NOT included in this column.
  • Reminders are NOT included in this column.
  • ONLY Notes specific to Caregivers are included in this column.

3. Filter your Caregivers list by date of last note. Click on the filter:

4. Enter a date in the LastNote field.

5. Click OK. Any profiles without a last note are not sorted by your system.


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