What is the purpose of the "Placement" tab?

"I see that I can place Caregivers into Units within a Facility. What is the purpose?"

The Placement tab is an important piece for a few reasons. Not only does this come into play when searching for available candidates (Unit Approved), but it also plays a part in what jobs a Caregiver can view when accessing BlueSky via the Caregiver portal, automatic notifications, and the mobile app.

The first thing to note is the setup on the Region level (Admin - Setup - Company Setup).

- If these boxes are checked, only those caregivers who are "Placed" in a certain Facility and/or Unit will be able to view any Shifts/Needs created in that Facility and/or Unit. If you do not select this box, all caregivers (in this Region) will be able to see any job relating to any Facility (assuming you let them log in).

  Note* If you do not want this setting turned on for the entire region you can select it per facility instead:

- Notice the "Placement" tab within a Caregiver's profile. This is where you can add any Placement for a particular Caregiver. When adding a Placement, you can either choose the Facility (including all Units) or narrow it down to just a particular Unit. Once approved to work, you can check the appropriate checkbox.

*** BlueSky will only Auto-Place caregivers based on the following information:

1. Scheduling -> Permanent Placement, Candidate Search, Assign Caregiver, "Save”

2. Contractor Employment, section Assignment, select Facility and Unit, Save. If auto-placement already exists (if you change Facility or Unit) you’ll be asked if you want to delete old placement. Click ОК" to delete, "Cancel" - to keep it.

3. Contractor Employment --> Convert --> New Conversion, section New Assignment select Facility and Unit, "OK", "Save". If auto-placement already exists (if you change Facility or Unit) you’ll be asked if you want to delete old placement. Click ОК" to delete, "Cancel" - to keep it.

Note. There is NO logic for auto-placement after assigning a shift to a caregiver.

After entering TS for the Shift, the system makes this caregiver Oriented (but not auto-placed)

- You will also notice a checkbox "Populate Facility/Unit Requirements to Required Docs". When checked, a Caregivers profile will now include the requirements for that Facility he/she has been placed. This will be notated in the "Specialty Required" column with the Caregiver's profile.

- The other area the "Placement" tab comes into play is during a Candidate Search.

- Upon performing a candidate search you will see a field called "Unit Approved". This is where we identify if this caregiver has been approved to work at this Facility by your agency. As mentioned above, Once "Placed" you have the ability to "Approve" that placement. If approved, this will be notated in the candidate search as shown below.

Things to note If you are utilizing the "Show open Shifts/Needs only to placed caregivers":

- Mobile App: If your Caregivers are using the mobile app to view available jobs, the Caregiver will only see the jobs that the Caregiver has been "Placed" in.

- Automatic job notifications: If you have set up your system to auto-notify your Caregivers of new Shifts and/or Needs, the "Placement" tab comes into play on what jobs will be sent to your caregivers.

- See below link for more information on automatic notifications.



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