What information should I enter in Company Setup?

Think of Company Setup as the engine that drives your BlueSky car; a large portion of the settings or configurations in Company Setup are GLOBAL settings and impact every other section of your system. Company Setup is typically done once, and updated only when there is staff turnover or addresses need to be updated.

How to fill out Company Setup:

  1. You'll complete Company Setup twice; once for your Company Level, and again for your Region.
  • Click on the name of your Company, then click Edit. The only thing normally done on this level is uploading company logos. Use the icons in the upper left corner to upload your logos: 
  • After uploading your logos, click OK.
  • Click on the name of your Region, then click Edit. You'll see the Company Setup screen again. This is where you'll actually "set up" a large portion of your system. Scroll down for a description of each field, checkbox, and item on this screen.

General Information:

  • ID: system generated number used by BlueSky support and QA teams to work in your system.
  • Name: the name of this Region. It must be different than the name of your Company Level.
  • Abbreviation/Payroll Code: these two fields are used with payroll imports and/or exports.
  • Status: Select Active or Inactive. select Active if you use/run this line of business or location, Inactive if you do not.
  • Round Time to: when running payroll, clock in/clock out times will be rounded to this number of decimal places after the hour, ex. 8:15.
  • Min. Gross Margin: the profit you want to make company wide; on every caregiver in every assignment. This number should be a percentage. If you enter a number here, BlueSky will use it to calculate your margin when every time you enter pay/bill rates and create a margin calc. If your margin differs by facility, do not enter a number here. 
  • OT Hours: the number of hours a caregiver must work before you start billing for overtime.
  • Summarize Bill OT: Select by Region (if number of hours you entered above apply to all clients) or by Facility (if OT hours differ at each of your clients).
  • Pay OT Hours Equal Bill OT Hours: if checked, BlueSky uses the number entered in the OT Hours field to calculate OT pay rates/rules.
  • Burden: your cost to staff caregivers; this number should be a percentage. A number entered here is considered a global setting and will be subtracted from your margin (in a margin calc).
  • Deduction: the billing discount you give to subcontracting companies (companies that you pass open shifts and needs to when your caregivers are scheduled elsewhere). This number should be a percentage; this amount will be subtracted from billing when you run reverse invoicing for your subcontracting companies.
  • Time Zone: your time zone.

Email Preferences: you can enter multiple email addresses, just separate by comma!

  • HR: your company users that should receive email notifications when a caregiver completes an online application OR updates information in their profile. Caregiver logins, and level of access, are discussed during Caregiver training and/or Permissions training. This email address(es) will also be in the "From" field on automated emails to caregivers about expiring required docs.
  • Print on invoice: your company billing/AP email address or point of contact, if you have one. Email addresses entered here will show on invoicing. ***This does not apply if you use a billing processor.***
  • Finance group: your company users responsible for approving margin calcs. These users will receive email notifications when a margin calc has been created and needs approval.
  • Send to upon apply for shift: your company users that should receive email notifications when caregivers apply for open shifts/needs in the system or via the mobile app. Caregiver logins are discussed during Caregiver training and/or Permissions training.
  • Send login info to applicant upon apply online: there is an online application function in BlueSky; you can choose to allow applicants to create a user ID/password to login to their application and update information or not. If you choose to use this functionality, check this box. When a caregiver completes the online application, BlueSky will send a thank you email with a user ID and password.
  • Notify "Send to Apply for Shift if Caregiver changes their availability calendar:" checking this box will notify the email address(es) in this field if a caregiver makes changes to their availability calendar.
  • Notify candidates about new shifts/Notify candidates about new needs: if these boxes are checked, your caregivers will receive email notifications from your system with details about open shifts or needs (the system will email caregivers whose degree, specialty, and credentials match the shift/need), for which they can then login and apply.
Address: Enter your company mailing/physical address. This address will display on pay documentation and billing generated in BlueSky; not applicable if you use a payroll/billing processor.
Phone/Fax/Website/1-800: Enter your company's primary phone number, fax number, website, and/or 1-800 number. Anything entered here will display on payroll documentation and billing generated in BlueSky; not applicable if you use a payroll/billing processor.

Entries Flags: The types of records you and your company users want to enter in this region. Check Facility, Subcontractor, Vendor, Per Diem, and/or Traveler as applicable. 
how open Shifts/Needs only to placed caregivers: Check this box only if you have clients that request particular caregivers for open shifts. Caregiver placement is discussed during Caregiver training and Scheduling training.

Default Category: Select the type of caregiver you primarily staff; Per Diem or Traveler. Categories can be added in a caregivers' profile.

Payment Flags: Checking either or both of these boxes allows you/your company users to run payroll and/or invoicing for this Region.

Billing Infoanything entered here will show on invoicing generated in BlueSky; not applicable if you use a billing processor.

  • Payable To: Enter your company billing address, if different than your primary address.
  • Invoice Term: Enter your company invoice term. You can enter different terms in individual facility profiles.
  • Send Invoice via Email: Check to send BlueSky invoices to facility contacts via email. This is not applicable if you use a billing processor or QuickBooks.
  • Use Company Info on Invoice: Check to print your company info (address, phone number, etc.) on your invoicing.
  • Envelope Size/Address Alignment: Select how the payor and payee addresses should display on invoicing.
Generate Invoice Number:

  • By Default Settings: Selecting this will generate an alphanumeric invoice number: 201601-BSH (2016= the year, 01= the bill week, BSH= the facility identifier).
  • By Sequential Number: Enter the starting number, and invoices will generate in advancing numerical order: 001, 002, 003, 004, etc.

TimeSheets/Other Payments Included in Invoice: These boxes, along with TimeSheets/Other Payments Included in Payroll, will implement an approval process for timesheets. If you want timesheets entered in your system to be approved by your payroll team before you run payroll, check Only Approved by Agency. If you want your clients to approve timesheets before you run billing, check Only Approved by Agency.

Expired Req. Docs Notification: Set how often BlueSky should search for and send notifications about expiring credentials, and who should receive these notifications.

  • Contact: Select appropriate company contacts.
  • Notify: Select anyone that should receive notifications; contact, caregiver, subcontractor, etc.
  • Caregiver Status: Select the status of caregivers who should receive these notifications.
  • Checking Interval: Enter the number of days out from expiration your system should search for and send notifications about documents. This is a global setting.
  • Repeat Notification every: Enter the daily/weekly frequency for repeat notifications.
  • Send on expiration date: Check to send a notification on the actual expiration date.
Reminders: Select Future (include Today) to see Reminders in the future. Select Today to see only Reminders with the current day's date. You'll see your reminders on your BlueSky home page.
Disclaimer: Select the Region name displayed on the Disclaimer portion of the online application. You can choose the Company Name, or use your own disclaimer. We recommend that you test the online application of BlueSky to see the disclaimer and the wording. 
Don't Send E-Mail: These checkboxes are covered during Scheduling training and determine whether or not email notiifcations are sent to caregivers/facility contacts when jobs are entered in your system.
Availability Calendar: Check to lock your caregiver's availability/working calendar.
Summer/Winter Time Setting: Check if your company follows Daylight Savings Time. You can change this in individual facility profiles.


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