Editing Shifts

If you need to edit a shift after you've entered it in BlueSky, there are several places to do this. 

In the Shifts grid: edit shifts here if you have not pulled them into the timesheets grid. You can edit any shift in this grid, even if a caregiver has been assigned.

Click Scheduling > Shifts.
Filter to a Region:

Click on the start date of any shift to edit it.

In the TimeSheets grid: there are several places to edit shifts that have been pulled into timesheets. In the main grid, you can edit the Date of the shift, as well as the Start, Finish, Lunch, and Lunch Start times. You can also check WE if this timesheet should be a weekend timesheet, Incl in OT (Include in OT calculations), or Incl in early pay (paid out as daily pay). This is also where you can approve timesheets to be paid out. You can also copy a timesheet to quickly enter an unscheduled or extra shift on a caregiver's timecard by clicking the Next icon, . Remember to save your changes by clicking Save.

To edit pay/bill rates or change the unit, click on the
Detail icon :

  • Unit: select a different unit within the same facility as originally entered.
  • Shift: select a different shift type than originally entered.
  • Charge/CallBack/On-call/Pool: check these boxes to pull in pay/bill rates or rules that apply to these types of shifts.
  • Weekly OT Hours: enter any applicable OT hours.
  • Holiday: click on the drop down to apply any holiday pay/bill rates or rules to this timesheet.
  • Malpractice Hours: edit the number of malpratice hours.
  • Rates: edit pay/bill rates for this timesheet. NOTE: the changes will ONLY APPLY to this timesheet. If the change should apply to future timesheets, go back to the original shift, contract, or margin calc and edit the rates.
  • Payroll/Invoice Note: enter any notes to appear on the pay documentation or facility invoice.
  • Shift Start: edit the start date and time of the shift.
  • Approved by Agency/Note: select Pending, Yes, or No and add a note.
  • Billing Period: your current billing period is the default, but you can select an earlier billing period.
  • Pay Period: your current pay period is the default, but you can select an earlier pay period.
  • Include in Early Pay: check to pay this timesheet as daily pay.

Click OK when you've finished making your edits. Click Save in the timesheets grid to save your changes.

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