Setting up Subcontracting Companies in BlueSky

There are a number of factors that come into play when utilizing the Subcontractor portal. Here are a few items to be aware of when first using this feature:

1. Regions:
Are your Subcontracting Companies utilizing the same Regions/Divisions as your normal staffing business?
- Regions are how we recognize revenue in BSS, so if you are separating your VMS/MSP business from your normal business, you should establish those Regions first.

2. SC Portal Permissions:
Open up the Subcontractor Portal for you (the MSP). In Permissions, do the following:
- Check that Entries - Subcontracting Companies is accessible
-Check that SC Timesheets are accessible in Payroll - SC Timesheets
-Check that Payroll/Reverse Invoices is accessible in Payroll- Pay SC
- Enable automatic submission updates for your subs:

3. SC Candidate Submission Packets
Do you have a "Submission Packet" that subs must complete when proposing a caregiver? Make sure you've entered it in Admin - Setup - Required Docs. Also, we can highlight this doc in your system to make sure your subs see it. 

- Follow these instructions:

4. MSP Manager Notifications:
Do you have a primary company user that should receive notifications when subs propose candidates?

- Enable these notifications here:

5. SC Email Settings:
When entering your SCs, enter one contact who should receive email notifications. This contact will receive emails about your open shifts and needs (if you release them to your SCs), as well as Required Docs notifications.

6. Expired/Required Docs Notifications for your SCs:
If you would like your subs to receive automatic notifications when their Caregivers have expired or missing required documents, you can enable this in Admin - Setup - Company Setup.

7. Subcontractor Rates:
Before entering and releasing needs to your subs, it is CRITICAL that you fully understand the Rate Logic for your subs. Rates can be created for your Subcontracting Companies as a whole (including all Caregivers) OR they can be bypassed and used on the Caregiver, Facility, Unit, and Rate Group levels.

Find detailed instructions here:       

8. Permissions:
Once you have created your Regions and Users within the Subcontracting portal, the next step will be to establish Permissions for your internal users and your SC users. Use the links below:

- Internal Company user Permissions:
- Subcontracting Company user Permissions:

9. Test Test Test:
Before officially opening the SC portal, TEST TEST TEST your processes and notifications.

- Create a test Subcontracting Company in the Region it should be housed.
- If utilizing multiple Regions, be sure that this test agency is shared between both Regions.
- Enter yourself as the contact for this SC company, and check "Use for Automatic Email Notifications."
- Create a User ID and password (your personal email or username) so you can log in and see what your SCs have access to in your system.
- Enter at least 2 Caregivers in this SC company, and if you wish, create an SC Caregiver specific pay rate but choose NOT to use SC Rates and settings. Assign both a Degree and Specialty. 
- Enter a Degree/Specialty specific rate that matches the Degree/Specialty of one of the test caregivers.
-Enter a new Shift and/or Travel Needs and release the need to your SC company. Pay attention to the email you receive and make note of any changes you want to make.
-Log out as the MSP and log in as your test SC user. Pay attention to access/permissions and make notes of any changes.
- Review the released needs.
- Upload a real or test "submission packet" to the Caregivers' profiles.
- "Propose" your Caregivers to the open needs.
- Pay attention to the email that is sent to you (the MSP manager) and make any notes.
- Log out as the Subcontracting Company and back in as the MSP manager to see the "proposed" Caregivers within the need.
- "Reject" one of those Candidates from the Vendors Candidates tab ensuring the email is sent to the SC contact (take notes of the email).
- Submit the remaining Candidate to the test Facility, pay attention to the email and make note of any changes.
- Continue through the submission process, ensuring emails are being sent to the Subcontractor Contact (make note of any changes).
- "Accept" the submission and assign the Caregiver to the contract.
- Pull the Shifts from this contract.
- Click into the pulled Shifts and the dollar sign icon to ensure the correct Rates were used (Caregiver or SC Company rates), depending on which setting applies to this Caregiver.
- At this time, you can either continue through and enter SC Time Sheets for this Caregiver and produce the reverse invoice, or this can be tested live with your Implementation team once you are ready to process those reverse invoices.

As previously mentioned, there are a number of factors when opening up the SC portal and releasing needs to subs. The above items should give you a good start on those settings on the front end. As always, reach out to our support team or search for your questions here to find additional help.


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