Rate Logic for the Subcontractors Portal

"How does Subcontractor Rate logic function in BlueSky?"

SC = Subcontractor
SC Company = Subcontracting Company

Before we introduce Subcontracting Companies, let's recap the BlueSky Rate Logic:

Rate Types:

1. Caregiver Rate - The first rate your system looks for; will trump all other rates. 

2. Unit Rate - Will pull if there is not a Caregiver Rate present, or if the Caregiver Rate is specifically for another Facility/Unit/Degree/Specialty.

3. Facility Rate - Pulls if Caregiver and Unit Rates are not entered, or if those Rates are specifically for another Facility/Unit/Degree/Specialty.

4. Rate Group/Contract Rate

***If you work with 1099s, a Sub-Contractor Rate will fall between Caregiver Rate and Unit Rate on the hierarchy (emailmailto:support@blueskymss.com for a training on this piece.)

***These types are listed from highest to lowest priority, as recognized by the system.

*** Within each category, the Rate that has the most specific information will trump all Rates in its respective category. 

Refer to this article on entering Rates: http://blueskymss.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/491472

Subcontractor Rates 
Now that your  Rate hierarchy has been established, let's bring in a Subcontractor. Let's also throw in a curveball that this SC Company is shared with another Region (just for fun). We will break each scenario up separately, as to not cause any confusion.

Go to Entries - Subcontracting Companies- Filter if needed. Click on one of your subs, and click on the Rates tab in the left side menu:

This section is where you build in your Subcontracting Company Rates. These Rates, by default, apply to all Caregivers that work under that SC Company.

*Refer to your manual on how to enter Rates: http://blueskymss.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/491472

Subcontractor Rates with a Shared Region
If a SC Company is shared with another Region, you can enter that shared Region's Rates from this screen. Simply click the filter (magnifying glass) and change the region for which you are entering Rates. Enter those rates within this region. Those Rates will now apply to all orders that are created in that Region.

** Always pay attention to your current Filter **

* Remember that the Region the order is created in determines which Rates will pull. Having shared Regions means that orders can be created in any of those shared Regions, thus pulling Rates that apply ONLY to the Region the order is created under. *


SC Caregiver Rates:
Now that we have established SC Company Rates, let's introduce a Caregiver-specific Rate that works for a SC company.

** IMPORTANT ** A rate entered under Entries - Subcontracting Company - Caregivers - Rates is the SAME AS a rate entered under Entries - Caregivers - Rates. There is no difference in logic, only a different way to create Rates. That being said, you can create Caregiver Rates in either place.

In an SC Company profile, click on Caregivers. Click on a Caregiver's name, then click the Rates tab.

Click on the Pay Rules icon:

**This icon is very IMPORTANT; it determines whether the Caregiver specific rate will be used, or the SC Company Settings and Rates as discussed previously.

If checked, the system will pull the SC Rates (discussed above) for every assignment this Caregiver is assigned to through the SC Company. If there is no SC rate, then a $0 rate will be applied to any assignment this Caregiver is working.

**Side Note: A VMS/MSP does have the ability to allow SC Caregivers to work for the MSP directly, bypassing the SC Company settings. If that situation arises, then and only then, will the MSP's Caregiver, Facility, Unit, or Rate Group Rate apply to that position.

** To read more about a SC Company caregiver working through the agency see the following link: http://blueskymss.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/492906

If a Caregiver-specific Rate is needed outside of the SC Company Rate, simply create the Rate from this screen by clicking the New button, building in your Caregiver-specific Rates, and unchecking the checkbox as previously discussed.

** In order to use this Caregiver Rate, the user must UNCHECK "Use Subcontractor Company Settings and Rates". **

Using the example above, this CG-specific Rate will apply anytime this Caregiver is assigned as a Neurologist in any facility in "Ricks Region".

--- What about the regions this SC Company is shared with? - See Below ---


Subcontractor Caregiver Rates with a Shared Region
Due to the fact that this Subcontracting Company is shared with another  Region, all of this SC Company's Caregivers are shared, as well. This now gives you the ability to create Caregiver-specific Rates for EACH shared Region.

To create Caregiver-specific Rates for shared Regions, simply navigate to the SC Company, click into the appropriate Caregivers Rates, click the filter icon (magnifying glass) and choose the Region you would like to establish the Rates for.

Remember that Rates depend on the Region in which the order was created. Having shared Regions means that an order can be created in any shared Region, thus pulling Rates that apply ONLY to the Region they are tied to.


Subcontractor Portal Rates Recap:
-Everything is dependent on what is checked in the Pay Rules icon in an SC Caregiver's profile for "Use SC Settings and Rates".

          - If this is checked, then Rates will ONLY be pulled from the SC Companies "Rates" section.

          - If unchecked, the system will always bypass the SC Company and use Caregiver Rates. If no Caregiver Rates are established, the system will go through the hierarchy of Rates, as previously discussed (Unit, Facility, Rate Group).

- If a SC Company is shared with other Regions and different Rates apply for each Region, you MUST create Rates for each of those Regions separately (filter). This goes for both SC Company Rates, as well as Caregiver Rates.

- Rates are pulled from the Region in which the order was created. Always be sure that appropriate Rates are created for all Regions that are shared with a SC Company.

- Rates created under Entries - SC - Caregiver - Rates ARE THE SAME THING AS Rates created under Entries - Caregivers - Rates.

- If an order is created and you see that the incorrect Rate pulled, you have two options:

1. Change the Rate within the Shift or TS, which will ONLY apply to that specific order.


2. Make the change to the Rate itself, delete the Shift and reschedule it. At this time, the new/updated Rate will apply to this and all future assignments.

As always, reach out to our support team if you have any questions!


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