How do I enter a new Subcontracting Company?

"I am a new MSP manager and need to begin entering my Subs into the system. How do I go about doing this?"

1. Click Entries - Subcontracting Companies - Filter to the appropriate region (if necessary) - New Subcontractor button.

2. This will now take you to the "General" page where you can enter the Company's name, Tax ID, etc.

        - If using multiple Regions, mark this agency as "Available In' another Region. Remember that orders are tied to the home Region of the Facility. If you create an Order in Region X and the SC company is not "Shared" with this Region, they will not be able to see the order. Sharing Regions allows your SC companies to work across your Regions.

        - The Hierarchy Level is used when releasing Orders to your SCs. When releasing Orders, the MSP has the ability to release Orders to any and all SCs at one time, OR they can create these hierarchy levels and release Orders to those different "Levels." 

          * Companies also utilize the Hierarchy to determine the types of work in which to release the Orders to. For example: the SC companies can enter their subs as Hierarchy 1 (Nursing), Hierarchy 2 (Allied), etc.). This way, they can release their orders in this fashion as opposed to ranking them.*

        - Notify Caregiver about Shift/Need Activity: This checkbox is used if the MSP/VMS should be in direct contact with the Agency's Caregivers (not recommended) upon any Shift/Need changes.

          * Some of our clients will include their own staffing agency as a Subcontracting Company of their MSP business. In this instance, this checkbox can be checked due to the fact that these Caregivers are actual employees of this company. *

Typically, the MSP/VMS will enter as much information as they can on the General Page, and will leave the rest to be completed by the SC Administrator. 
3. Click Save and Proceed, you'll be taken to the Contacts tab.

4. Click New. Enter at least one contact. 
    -Enter all information for this Contact and mark the main Contact as "Use for Email Notifications".

5. Once created and saved, click back into the list of contacts and click the blue lock and key icon.
    - This will give the user login rights to their SC portal. (see below) 

6. Once login rights have been granted for the agency, the MSP/VMS can now inform the SC to log into the system and add remaining company information, as well as entering their Caregivers/Candidates into the system.

    - Subcontracting Companies can add new contacts as they wish; However, ONLY the MSP/VMS manager/user can give them login rights.

Depending on the permissions for your SC companies, the remaining fields can be entered by the SC contact. If you have additional fields that were not previously discussed, please reach out to our support team at


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