Time Sheet Approval

If approval of time-sheets and other payments is part of your payroll workflow, you can implement an approval process in BlueSky. An approval process is especially helpful if your caregivers use the BlueSky mobile app for time and attendance; you have final approval over any entered time. You can also give your facility contacts the ability to approve time-sheets and other payments, but keep in mind that you will not be able to process payroll until your facility contact does this. Any time-sheets/other payments that are not approved will not be processed during payroll.

** All of the steps below can be duplicated for SC Companies and SC Bonuses **

Setting up your system for time sheet approval:

1. Check/set Permissions:
a) Click Admin > Permissions > Permissions. Filter to a Region and User group and click OK.
b) A permission tree will appear. If this user group does not have access to Payroll (it will be in gray), click on the word Payroll and change the permission to Accessible. Click OK.

c) Click on the + next to Payroll to expand the section.
d) Click on All TimeSheets (Empl & SC) and change the permission to Partial Access. Click OK.

e) Click on the + next to All TimeSheets to expand the section.
f) If you want to turn on approval for your company users, click on Approve by Agency and change the permission to Full Rights. If you want to turn on approval for facility contacts, click on Approve by Facility and change the permission.
g) Click Save.

Follow the steps above to give permission to Other Payments and SC Bonuses if needed.

TO SAVE YOUR CHANGES, click Save and then click Log Out. Log back into BlueSky.

2. Turn on timesheet approval for an entire Region or a specific Facility.

For an entire Region: if approval is turned on for an entire Region, all timesheets from all facilities in this Region will be impacted.

1. Click Admin > Setup > Company Setup.
2. Click on the name of a Region, then click Edit.
3. Scroll to Timesheets/Other Payments Included in Invoice and Timesheets/Other Payments Included in Payroll. 

** Note: there are two fields to pay attention to: This selection will be the default when running invoicing and payroll.
a) Time sheets/Other Payments Included in Invoice (Controls which timesheets make it into an invoice)
b) Time sheets/Other Payments Included in Payroll (controls which timesheets make it into pay file)
- Parent node simply means "take the setting on the Company/Parent level" (if applicable).
- Approve by Facility and Approve by Agency simply notates who needs to approve the timesheets. If you are only approving by Facility then only select "Approve by Facility". (You decide if you want facility or agency or both to approve what goes into payroll and/or invoicing).
- Match with Invoice Settings: Simply matches the Payroll selection to your invoice selection.

3. Facility Settings: Although we have made the default on the Company Setup you have the ability to select these settings on a per facility basis. Not all facilities even have to have approval turned on.
- This can be edited in Billing Rules for each specific Facility
- You can either keep the default settings or deselect "Use Region Settings" and change the check boxes accordingly.

4. Using the Approval Feature: This feature is directly related to who will be approving your time sheets (Agency/Facility/Both)

a) Agency Approval: To be used as an internal check of your Caregiver time sheets

- Click into Payroll>Employee time sheets - Filter for the week and pull in the time sheets (or view the time sheets entered by your caregivers through the mobile app)

** IMPORTANT: Because time sheets have been enabled to only be processed if Approved (either by Facility and/or agency) the system WILL NOT calculate overtime UNTIL those time sheets are approved. This goes for Daily OT and Weekly OT **

- Review the time entered and note the "Appr by" box next to the time sheet detail. If grayed out, make sure you open the TS by clicking on the Caregiver's name.

- This is where you have the ability to approve that TS. (agency approval shown in below example)

- You also have the ability to add a note along with that approval by clicking the "..." below the approval

*** Note: You can view the note and time stamp directly from the time sheet detail button

b) Facility Approval: To be used when Facility contacts are entering and/or approving their Caregivers' time sheets (same setup/workflow as agency)

- Do you have the appropriate Facility Contact in BlueSky? If not refer to this link on adding contacts: http://blueskymss.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/492180

- It is also important to make sure those Facility Contacts have login access (login allowed is checked) to BlueSky

- Be sure that your Facility Contacts have rights to Payroll - Time Sheets and Approve by Facility (Discussed at beginning of article).

*** The system does NOT email facility contacts when a TS is entered. It is a best practice to have your Facilities log in once a week to approve time sheets. ***

- Upon logging in, your Facility will now see the Permissions you have allowed them. They can then click on the time sheet for the caregiver that worked for them and either enter the time themselves or approve the time entered by their caregiver.

*** It is a best practice to have your Facility Contacts always put a note when approving time sheets, this way you can notate those instances where a time sheet has been changed and know why they have changed the time.

c) Facility AND Agency Approval: This can be used when you as an agency would prefer approving the time sheets your Facilities have entered and approved themselves or vice versa.

- In this instance, we will pretend that the time sheet has been submitted (either through the mobile app or directly from your agency)

- The Facility Contact will log in at their desired weekly time and either enter or approve the TS and enter any notes.

- At the time you are verifying time sheets internally, you will then view that time sheet along with the facility approval and any applicable notes.

- You can then approve the TS if everything is accurate.

d) Reporting: To verify what time sheets are in what "stage" you can run the "Shifts to be paid by Caregiver" report and choose the parameters

e) At this time you can then run your payroll and invoicing. Depending on your Company/Region/Facility settings, the time sheets that you choose (approved or not) will then be processed per your settings.

What if:
1. I selected approval by facility and agency; what if a Facility Contact logs in and changes a Caregiver's time sheet after we already approved it? You will not receive an email notification when a Facility Contact changes a timesheet. However, you will see that the Y in the Appr by Fcl is now a ? If your facility contacts must do this, instruct them to enter a note or comment. 

2. We had to make a change to a Facility approved timesheet/other payment; will they know about that change? Your facility contact will receive an email notification if you make a change to a timesheet they have approved. You can edit the notification by clicking Admin > Setup > Email Template Editor > Notify facility of TS approval reset.

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