Company User IDs and Passwords

Typically, company users are entered manually by system admins. System admins assign a user ID and password to each company user; the first time a company user logs in with this password, BlueSky will prompt him/her to change their password.

If your company users have access to the Company Users tab, they can change their user ID and/or password. If not, a system admin must make these changes. Login credentials can be changed by following the steps below:

1. Click Entries > Company Users.

2. Filter to the correct Region to see Company Users in that Region. Click on the name of the Company User you wish to edit:

3. Click the blue user ID/Password button above the user's first name:

4. Edit the User ID and/or Password. BlueSky passwords must contain:
-An uppercase letter
-A number
-A special character

5. Click OK.
6. Click Save.

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