How do I choose the correct User Group?

"I set up a new user, but he is not attached to the correct group. He should be set up just like another user, but in the Account Manager Group instead of Recruiting. How do I fix this?"

The User Group is how you define your user's Permissions. Each User Group has its own unique set of Permissions (depending on how you set them up).

To correct the User Group:

1. Click Entries - Company Users

2. Filter into the appropriate Region (using the magnifying glass). Directly click on the User's name that you wish to assign to a different User Group.

3. Click on the User Id/Password button (see picture below). 

4. A popup will appear. In the User Group dropdown (picture below), select the appropriate User Group. 

***Remember that whatever you select as the User Group will reflect the Permissions that you have assigned to that particular User Group.

- Click Admin - Permissions - Permissions to see which Permission set fits your needs the best. If none of the populated User Groups have the Permissions setup the way you want, simply create a new User Group by going to Admin>Permissions>User Groups. Once you add a new User Group it is a blank slate with all permissions OFF. You can then turn on whatever you would like by filtering to that User Group in Admin>Permissions>Permissions.

Note: If only a few permissions need to change for the new User Group compared to an existing one, simply COPY the permissions from the original User Group into the new User Group and then make your changes.

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