How do I create a new Region?

Regions are created in your system to recognize separate lines of revenue. During training, you'll have two regions in your system: a Test Region and a real Region.

Typically, Regions are created for the following reasons:
  • There is an office of your company in a different geographical location and they need to run payroll independently of the main office.
  • You have a line of business with very specific payroll/billing practices that needs to be separate from your other lines of business. This will have implications on payroll, invoicing, caregivers, facilities, and company users in your system. Contact your BlueSky account manager or support to get in-depth information on setting up a new regions.
  • You have separate EIN numbers for businesses under the umbrella of a parent company.
  • You would like to report on data differently between regions and compare the reported data between the regions

1. Login to your BlueSky system. Click Admin > Setup > Company Setup. You should see your company level and any regions, like below:

The "Company" level exists in the even that you have multiple regions, it allows you to still have the ability to run reports or payroll/invoicing from a single point for all subsequent regions/divisions.

2. To add a new region, click on your Company name. You'll see three options: New, Edit, Delete.

3. Click New. Make sure that Region is selected, and click OK.

4. The Company Setup screen will appear. Enter applicable information and click OK. 

Click on this link for help with completing Company Setup:

If you wish to have another layer in addition to "Regions" you can add what are called "Divisions". "Regions" would then fall under the "Division" which falls under the "Company". In order to have "Division" as an option to add you must have it turned on in your permissions. Contact support or your acct manager for more information.


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