Billing Adjustments

There are two ways to show adjustments to billing in BlueSky:

1. Adjustments to previously billed timesheets and other payments will be processed in your current billing period as separate line items.

2. Adjustments can be processed in a previous period as a "clean" invoice, or in your current billing period as a credit/rebill, a rebill, or adjustments shown on a separate invoice.

Important Notes:   

  • All BlueSky systems are setup with option 1.
  • Clients must request option 2 and must select one of the options above as to how adjustments should be processed.
  • Option 2 will be configured by developers in your system.
  • Adjusted invoices in your current billing period will have NEW invoice numbers. If you want the original invoice number to be included, request this configuration!
  • If you select adjusted invoices with adjustments on a separate invoice, adjustments will always be processed on a separate invoice.
  • Revenue Reports will not be impacted by billing adjustments. If you run revenue reports by worked period, results will be for Other Payments. If you run reports by billing period, adjustments will be shown in your current billing period.

If you want to select option 2, contact BlueSky Support. You must select a type of adjustment:

  • Credit/Rebill: 2 new invoices will be generated; one with the original amount and a credit (shown as a -negative number) and another as a rebill; a clean invoice with an adjusted amount.
  • Rebill: a clean invoice will be created and you will have to balance or delete the original invoice manually.
  • You can select both types.
  • Examples of both types are shown below.

For more about the permissions associated with option 2, click here: 

For more about the functionality of option 2, click here:

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