I am a Sub for a VMS, how do I login and what will I see?

You'll login with a User ID and password provided by your VMS company. The first page you'll see is the General page, which should display some company information entered by your VMS. You can edit this information.

There are 4 icons at the top left of the screen:
Upload company logo
View Logo
Bulk Upload
View Upload

At the top right of your screen there are 3 icons:
Save and Proceed

At the very top banner of the webpage you will see  BlueSky menu tabs:
Subcontractor: your General page.
Bulletin Board: will give you access to an area where the agency or vendor has posted important documents for you to access.
Reminders: where you go to see any reminders left for you by other users in your company or from the agency/vendor.

On the far left side, you will see menu items for different sections of your company. Each one will take you to a new page with different functionality. The tab below "General" is "Contacts." Click 
http://blueskymss.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/814914 to learn more about the contacts menu.

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